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When to start oil massage for newborn baby?

Most all new parents become anxious about the massaging time of their baby. They are curious and ask others when to start the baby’s body massage. The best time to start your baby’s body massage is between 14 to 30 days. In this article, you will learn about the best time for a baby massage and its importance in your baby’s life.

Age to Start Massage

Different specialists have different minds for the beginning of the baby massage. Some doctors advise you to start a baby massage when your baby turns 21 days old, and some ask you to start after 6 weeks. It varies according to the baby’s health. You should know that the baby massage is significant, whatever the starting time is.

Why is Baby Massage Beneficial?

No one can follow the step until he knows about its importance in his life. Let’s read further about the benefits of baby massage at a young age.

1.      Increases Bonding

When you massage your kid, you talk to him with lips, eyes, and hands. The organs affect your baby positively and enhance interaction and bonding between you and your newborn.

2.      Develops Circulatory System

Some babies are born with less oxygen or an underdeveloped circulatory system. If this problem is minor, you can recover your child by providing daily massage with quality oil. High-quality massage oils are available at Mama Jewels, where you can order many baby products from your comfort zone.

3.      Flow of Nutrients

Massaging oils can help in the better development of a baby’s body. You should use massage oils on his body for better nourishment because fine-quality oil is helpful in a better flow of nutrition.

4.      Relax Feelings

Have you felt relaxed after getting a massaging ever? Yes, because massage makes your body muscles relax and smooth. Kids need it properly because they are in continuous movement due to cuddling. If you are looking for the best baby massage oil, Mama Jewels brand is here for your help.

5.      Strong Bones

Oil massage makes your baby’s bones strong and healthy. The children’s specialists advise parents to massage with high-quality baby massage oil for better growth.

6.      No Gas Trouble

You have known the importance of massage when your baby is in gas trouble if you are dealing with your second baby. When you move your hands from chest to legs on your baby’s body, it helps your baby to release gas.

Make Better Choice

The benefits of massage are useless until you use the best baby massage oil from a valuable brand. To cut down your tension, Mama Jewels is in the market since 2009. It is an extraordinary brand that sells hampers for mama, papa, and baby. Mama Jewels is a UK-based brand and delivers its fabulous products globally. In case of any damaged or rotten item, you can send them mail to ask for their return policy. Its team will treat you in a better way and solve your query as soon as possible.

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