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DHA Claims Charging no Fee for Solar Panel Installation

On Tuesday, the DHA claims charging no fee for solar panels on roofs. Even if homeowners who wish to put solar panels on their roofs are not required to submit an application, they must get clearance from engineers and confirm that they have paid their property tax and water tax.

People are not required to pay any money to install solar panels; nevertheless, to get authorization to do so, they must first pay any outstanding DHA dues. Because of this, a press conference was arranged at the DHA head office to announce that the DHA does not impose any fees for installing solar panels.

During the press conference, the representative speaker for the DHA society, Kashif Fazal, said they do not charge fees for the DHA Residential Property Solar Panel Installation Permit.

In addition, Kashif Afzal dismissed the story of the government putting fines on solar panels, labeling the information as misinformation. In a similar vein, Kashif elucidated that to get permission, you must first apply to the DHA Town Planning and Building Control Department and then, within two days, supply all of the necessary paperwork.

Therefore, DHA residents interested in installing solar panels on their roofs can get the structure and map approved by any member of the Pakistan Engineers Council, which, according to Kashif, is mandatory to ensure the safety of DHA residents. Residents interested in installing solar panels on their roofs can do so by visiting the DHA office.

Securely installing solar panels, ensuring the use of high-quality equipment, and determining the impact on residential buildings are the duties assigned to DHA. In addition, DHA always provides early notification to residents, requesting that they provide maps, drawings, and other materials before installing solar panels.

On September 8, an instructive article about installing solar panels on residential homes was published across all of the DHA’s social media channels and on the Voice of DHA blog. During the conference, Kashif Afzal explained that to guarantee the residents of the DHA’s safety, the applicants must adhere to specific protocols to get permission, and they must also provide all of the necessary paperwork.

A written application and a map of the proposed location are two necessary documents for pre-constructed structures. The news reported on a problem where the weight of solar panels was not adequately supported by the roofs of many newly built residences.

Even though a solar panel structure collapsed and fell on a vehicle in the DHA once, we are very fortunate that nobody was hurt in the incident. Because the DHA wants to prevent incidents of this nature, it has informed some of its residents that they will receive notices and even fines if they do not comply with the building control regulations and install solar panels on their roofs without first obtaining approval and permission.

On the other hand, there was a lot of backlashes on social media from residents of DHA regarding the authority’s decision to send them notices and impose fines for violating the construction laws and installing elevated steel structures for solar panels on their rooftops. This was brought up about the authority’s decision to send them notices.



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