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Famous Styles of Pakistan Wedding Dresses in Pakistan

Every female wishes that she looks perfect and best on her wedding day, and there is a need for Famous Styles of Pakistani Wedding Dresses to come in. Weddings are crucial importance about the development part of a woman’s life. Where she begins a new journey with a new family, and this journey starts on the day of the wedding itself. Brides the world over wear a special dress to symbolize a favorable day. It is seen to be every culture has a different standard, but all dresses are extremely delicate and light in a way that seems not to be of this world and fit for princesses. We will discuss some types of wedding dresses in Pakistan in detail.


Lehnga is a traditional Pakistani bridal dress. This is liked by most of the brides. It is worn most of the time and represents the perfect wedding dress for a Pakistani girl. The outfit consists of three pieces, i.e., a shirt, a dupatta and a lehenga. It is one of the best Pakistan wedding dresses. Lehnga is a type of skirt that is fitted through the hips and scattered out toward a lower place. The diameter of the skirt’s lower edge depends on the bride’s choice and the amount of light she wants to go with. It can be made from yards of fabric. The diameter could be kept less, according to the bride’s wishes. Lehengas commonly touch the floor and give a beautiful look to the bride.


Angarkha is also a very famous selection for brides who are wishing to look to wear something different than a lehnga or gharara. They are much easier to carry. It is more likely a salwar kameez style that can be easily worn at other events. The shirt or kurta can be designed according to the bride’s desire, whereas the trouser is mostly plain. The most common style of Angrakha is the frock with a slit a little from the center of the front. These shirts are usually worn with tight trousers or churidar pajamas, making them look more graceful. It is considered one of the most stylish Pakistan wedding dresses.  Brides look beautiful and pretty by wearing such kinds of dresses.


It is one of the most beautiful and national styles of Pakistani wedding dresses, the gharara. This dress also consists of a three-piece dupatta, sharara, and a small kurta. Kurt is perfectly fitted according to the measurement and embroidered with tile sari or babka work. While the gharara is made of two legs at the bottom part. Each leg fits perfectly from the thighs and then spreads out from the knees. The length of the shirt usually ends right where the flare starts, which is almost above the knees. The head is heavily covered by long data, making it more beautiful or attractive. It is the best style of Pakistan wedding dresses.



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