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Future Tesla Cybertrucks can traverse rivers, lakes, and even oceans.

On Thursday, the CEO of Tesla announced on Twitter that the future Tesla Cybertruck would be able to drive through calm rivers, lakes, and oceans because it will be waterproof.

The Tesla Cybertruck does not yet exist, but Elon Musk has stated that when it does, the futuristic-looking van will be able to “briefly” operate as a boat if the situation calls for it. This statement was made even though the Tesla Cybertruck does not yet exist. The Tesla Cybertruck was the topic of discussion when this forecast was offered.

Mr. Musk even went so far as to explain the reasoning behind the waterproof functionality, saying that the Cybertruck will need to be able to get from Starbase, a facility located in Boca Chica, Texas, to South Padre Island, which requires crossing the channel. Starbase is a facility owned and operated by SpaceX. The Gulf of Mexico can be found south of South Padre Island.

In 2019, Tesla introduced the Cybertruck to the general public for the first time. The company’s original objective was to begin production by the end of this year; however, it has decided to push that target back to the first quarter of 2023.

The truck that looks like a rocket is made of the same kind of stainless steel used in automobiles, and the design of the electric vehicle’s interior is unique in its use of geometric shapes. The product description for the vehicle can be found on Tesla’s official website, which states that the vehicle has “greater performance than a sports car and better utility than a truck.”

Mr. Musk announced at the beginning of this year that the highly anticipated Cybertruck would be able to be purchased in a version that features a high-end four-motor configuration.

He tweeted that the initial production run would use a four-motor model with separate, ultra-fast reaction torque control for each wheel. This control will be independent of the other controls for the vehicle. The chief executive officer of Tesla referred to the vehicle as a “crazy technology bandwagon” and stated that the Cybertruck would be equipped with a front-wheel steer as well as a rear-wheel steer, which means that it would not only be able to turn like a tank but also move diagonally like a crab. He also stated that the vehicle could move forward at an angle like a crab.

During this period, Ford Motor Company and Rivian Automotive launched their electric pickup trucks, beating Tesla to the market with their products. The Rivian R1T pickup vehicle is available for purchase and can be delivered immediately after placing an order. Additionally, the distribution of Ford’s F-150 Lightning electric truck has begun, and the company plans to significantly increase delivery volume in the year 2023. These plans are part of Ford’s long-term strategy.



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