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GM Introduces Another Full-Size Electric Pickup, the GMC Sierra EV, With a 400-Mile Range

GM introduces another full-size electric pickup, the GMC Sierra EV, With a 400-Mile Range. It is the latest model in the automaker’s push to sell one million electrified cars worldwide by 2025.

On General Motors’ brand-new Ultium platform, the GMC Sierra Denali EV is not the first electric vehicle or SUV to be offered. In reality, this is the brand’s third battery-powered pickup truck, following in the footsteps of the GMC Hummer’s pickup and SUV variants.

However, considering that the Sierra with an internal combustion engine is GMC’s best-selling model, it has the potential to be a standout for the company.

Although the GMC Sierra EV and its internal combustion engine equivalent share a name and some of the same appearance, this is not a simple retrofit.

GM Introduces Another Full-Size Electric Pickup

According to Tom Namovich, the GMC Sierra product manager, who TechCrunch interviewed, “It’s not like we’re taking for the vehicle and putting a battery in it.” “Once again, we are using the Ultrium technology, which is the integrated cab and box design similar to that of the Hummer pickup, and bringing it on further with extra meaningful technology in the vehicle,”

The full-size truck is expected to compete with the Lightning version of the Ford F-150. GMC will launch the vehicle with an understanding of the high-end Denali Edition 1, which will become available in early 2024 and begin for $107,000. For the 2025 model year, the GMC Sierra Denali will be offered in two trim levels: the AT4 and the Elevation. GMC has indicated that it would reveal further variants of the pickup closer to the time it goes into production, with prices beginning around $50,000. The base model of the F-150 Lightning, which was released in April, can be purchased for $47,000, while the “Platinum Extended Range” model can be bought for over $100,000.

The specs

GM Introduces Another Full-Size Electric Pickup

When set to the Max Power mode, the Sierra Denali Edition 1 EV can produce an estimated 754 horsepower and 785 pound-feet of torque.

The vehicle has an estimated range of 400 miles and can accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in a reasonably quick 4.5 seconds. Its maximum speed is also predicted to be 60 miles per hour. Additionally, it can pull a trailer weighing up to 9,500 pounds, although it is unknown what the range will be like.

In addition, the Sierra EV will come standard with an onboard power station that can generate up to 10.2 kW of power and transforms the pickup truck into a portable source of electricity that can be used in several settings. When outfitted with a bi-directional charger and products from GM Energy’s new Ultium Home range, the firm claims that the truck can power a home’s “basic requirements” for up to 21 days.

The design of the Sierra EV will be rated at 800 volts and be capable of rapid charging at up to 350 kilowatts across all trim levels. Specific fast chargers indicate that around 100 miles of the range may be supplied to the battery in approximately ten minutes.

According to Manovich, the Sierra EV will have four-wheel steering and the possibility to “crab walk,” much like its cousin, the Hummer EV. In addition, the business has further developed the function that allows regenerative braking to be applied on demand.

A touchscreen measuring 16.8 inches may be seen inside the Denali Edition 1. The incorporated Google services, such as Assistant, will be accessible via the infotainment system, which Google’s Android Automotive operating system will power.

The hands-free advanced driving assistance feature known as Super Cruise will also come standard on the Denali Edition of the vehicle from General Motors.

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