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India Plans to Accelerate Product Safety Approvals, Which Could Benefit Apple and Samsung.

India is implementing a parallel strategy for accelerating the development of new electronic devices. India plans to accelerate product safety approval, which could benefit Apple and Samsung’s Plans to launch new devices.

India is taking this step as part of its efforts to remove the obstacles holding back its commercial sector. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has a positive outlook on the manufacturing sector of electronics and hardware. They are working on a strategy to reach $300 billion by 2026.

Thanks to an efficient plan for testing various components, the period will be reduced from 16 to 21 weeks to 5 to 8 weeks. This time reduction includes the testing of smartphones and earbuds. According to the MAIT group, this will help to ease business, which will, in turn, result in consumers having quicker access to the most current products.

Apple, Samsung, and Xiaomi are companies belonging to India’s domestic and international businesses operating in the country’s electronic and information technology sectors. The Indian Bureau has approved a pilot project test run in which specific electronic components will be evaluated in parallel.

Executives claim that the prolonged testing process for a new model of Apple AirPods can take up to 16 weeks in India. This is because the charging case and its components must obtain clearance before the earbuds can be evaluated.

The typical testing period for a smartphone can last for as long as 21 weeks on average. This decision regarding the pilot project was made following a Wednesday meeting behind closed doors. The discussion was held between representatives from India’s Ministry of Information Technology (MAIT), the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), and executives from Apple and Samsung.

Apple, Xiaomi, and Samsung did not immediately respond to the question. Neither the BIS nor the IT ministry responded immediately to Reuters’ questions when they were sent their way.

According to the MAIT, once the testing phase for the earbuds has been completed, the government will decide what to do about the other products. According to Prabhu Ram, director of the Industry Intelligence Group at CyberMedia Research, quicker approvals from the government regarding safety and quality will increase India’s competitiveness in the electronics industry. Ram made this prediction.

According to Ram, a consultant to Indian technology companies, this action will significantly shorten the time that Indian consumers must wait before getting their hands on the newest products. Whether made in India or imported from another country, all electronic products sold in India must pass a series of safety tests administered by the BIS.s.

This sensible strategy will contribute to the expansion of companies like Xiaomi and Samsung because these businesses account for the overwhelming majority of smartphone sales in India. In addition, they hold a combined market share of 46% between them. On the other hand, Samsung is ahead of Apple in the premium category. According to the data, Apple is the dominant player in the premium variants market.



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