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After Logan Paul’s Social Media Post, NFT Increases by 10390 Percent.

After Logan Paul’s Social Media Post, NFT Increases by 10390 Percent. Logan Paul is an American YouTuber and a virtual entertainment figure. He was one of the people who lost their money. However, at the time of writing this article, the current bid on OpenSea is 0.8 wETH, comparable to USD 1,052.59. It was projected that Paul’s 0N1 Power K4M-1 #03 NFT would sell for less than $10 by the end of September 2022. The unfortunate events that occurred with NFT were brought back to light when Logan Paul, on September 27, published a tale on Snapchat in which he discussed losing $600,000 in gaming.

Following that, the Wall Street Silver Twitter account participated in the Snapchat tale by informing its followers about the situation while it was still unfolding. Following that, several crypto media sites continued to adhere to this pattern, renewing Paul’s negative experience with NFTs. The current offer for Paul’s 0N1 Power K4M-1 #03 NFT is 0.0038 with $4.98. This has been the case for the last 15 hours. After 15 hours had passed from the moment of creation, this price was decided upon. When this story was written, the amount of money being offered for the item had climbed from a few hundred dollars to a total of $1,052.59. Furthermore, the current offer is 272% greater than the lowest price that 0N1 Power has established for the auction.

Before July 2022, Paul also made an effort, although in his particular fashion, to alter how things would turn out. In a tweet, Paul revealed that he had shelled out a total of $623,000 on non-fungible tokens (NFTs). He went on to say that he had subsequently recognized that NFTs were virtually useless. After that, he made light of the situation by poking fun at his error by inserting a BUMBL3BEE NFT in his own choice of 99 Firsts. In addition, he observed that the protective cap envisioned in the new NFT would have a price tag of $20,000, and its production would take two months. The same individual who created the protective hat for DJ Marshmallow and American Music Maker was also responsible for the design of this item.

When a famous American YouTuber began tweeting about the situation, most of the prices of NFTs went down. Despite this, 2021 was an exciting year for both holders of NFTs and professionals in the field of NFTs due to the rapid growth in value during this period. Currently, Logan is the owner of 16.69 ETH BUMBL3BEE-Living NFTs, estimated at $21,000. 99First is a compilation of 99 NFTs that Logan put together over 99 Days using a Polaroid camera. For those who aren’t up to speed on everything that’s going on, 99First is a collection of 99 NFTs. Every NFT presents a genuine description of the travels over the 99 days.

The third episode in the Logan Paul NFT series is “Bumblebee.” In it, he recounts the moments leading up to his boarding an aircraft. When evaluated in absolute terms, the present worth of 99 firsts in the DAO is $1,912,926.38. Coin Edition was the first outlet to notice that Logan Paul’s NFT pattern through Virtual Entertainment generated a spike 10,390% higher than the previous level.

Logan In the early part of July 2022, Paul also attempted, although in his manner, to reverse the situation. Paul said in a tweet that he had purchased the NFT for a total of 623,00 dollars; however, he discovered that the NFT was practically useless. After that, he turned his blunder into a permanent artefact by adding the BUMBL3BEE NFT to his collection of 99 Originals.



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