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Pakistan would be able to save 13.5 billion rupees as a result of locally-made trains

Pakistan would be able to save 13.5 billion rupees. China has shown that it is a real friend of Pakistan, and they are eager to assist us in the production of engines that are beneficial to the environment. Pakistan Railways (PR) and Chinese mechanical experts are working nonstop to manufacture 34 locomotive engines with a total value of Rs1.5 billion.

At the Mughalpura railway facility in Lahore, Pakistani and Chinese mechanical experts are doing all of this labor to produce locomotive engines. The PR mechanical engineers and the Chinese engineers operate in shifts alongside the workers of the Mughalpura railway workshop, according to the sources.

In addition, these PR mechanical and Chinese engineers are using cutting-edge technology, which is not only economical but also kind to the environment. It has been reported that PR mechanical and Chinese engineers would construct about three locomotives each month. As a result of the R15 billion price tag associated with importing the new engines, their debut is being delayed until the following year.

The engines that Pakistan and China are jointly constructing will be used in the cities of Lahore, Rawalpindi, Quetta, and Karachi. In addition, Pakistan will have the ability to use these locomotives for the transportation of both freight and passengers for the following eleven years.

These locomotive engines were reportedly purchased from China by Pakistan in the year 2014, according to the sources. In addition to that, they completed negotiations for the maintenance contract with the Chinese firm in 2017. Despite the fact that the project was held up for a variety of reasons, the situation has significantly improved recently. Taking into account the assertions made by Pakistan Railways (PR), the 34 locomotives that are now in the manufacturing stage will be operational by August 2023.

In addition, the general manager of maintenance and service, Salman Sadiq Sheikh, said that railway engineers are using midnight fuel in order to produce economical locomotive engines while making use of the resources that are readily accessible.

In addition, Salman Sadiq Sheikh said that these locomotive engines are one of a kind since we have crafted them using the assistance of contemporary technology, which suggests that they would generate far less pollution.

The production of communication in Pakistan that is favorable to the environment is a crucial need for lowering the rising levels of pollution in the nation. People are having trouble breathing as a direct result of pollution, which is also contributing to an increase in the prevalence of various ailments. As a result, we made these engines with as few emissions as possible as our goal.

The Chinese business will be in charge of doing maintenance on the locomotive engines for an extended period of time. After then, the workers at the locomotive workshop will learn how to maintain these locomotive engines by practice and experience, along with time.

Therefore, when the Pakistani people start repairing locomotive engines on their own, it would open the door to new chances for Pakistan Railways and assure a better future for the organization.

When Pakistan Railways realizes a savings of Rs13.5 billion, it will be able to use that money toward the modernization of its locomotives or the enhancement of its workers’ pay and benefits, both of which will contribute to the growth of the national economy.



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