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The IPhone 16 may Not Have Any Ports at All, According to one Analyst.

The IPhone 16 may Not Have Any Ports at All, according to one analyst Because the European Union requires all mobile phone firms to have a USB-C connector, Apple’s decision to not include a port may be a brilliant move.

The assembly only recently approved a regulation mandating the use of USB-C ports by all telecommunications firms of the European Union. The passage of this rule was unfortunate for the iPhone since it has always been responsible for creating its ports. As a result of the lack of an alternative, industry analysts predict that Apple’s iPhone 16 will not include a port of any kind.

Bloomberg analyst and Apple tipster Mark Gurman said that the new USB-C legislation would not significantly impact Apple in the long run. He said that even though Apple will be required to provide a Type-C connector on the iPhone 15, the firm would soon find a way to surpass this requirement “since Apple ultimately aims to go wireless.”

This indicates that customers of the iPhone 15 should anticipate it to come with a USB-C cord, and it may be able to be charged with android chargers. The iPhone 16, on the other hand, will be unique since it won’t have a port and won’t be subject to any laws.

However, the iPhone is not the only Apple device that needs charging; is that correct? There are many of them, and some of the most popular ones include the Airpods Pro, Magic Mouse, and Magic Keyboard. Gurman predicts that other mobile devices, including the iPhone, will follow suit and transition to wireless charging shortly. It is anticipated that the subsequent iterations of the iPad will also be constructed utilising wireless technology; hence, wireless charging will become a key component in Apple’s product catalogue.

Since the legislation in the EU explicitly exempts devices that employ wireless charging, Apple has found a nice legal loophole in the form of wireless charging. Even while the bill may seem a danger to Apple, it helps get us closer to our objective of a wireless future.



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