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Twitter Blue Subscribers now get Access to Podcasts

Twitter blue subscribers now get access to podcasts users of Twitter Blue on iOS will soon access a new Spaces tab that includes podcasts. This update is currently being rolled out on Twitter. According to the social network, Blue Android users will soon access the revamped Spaces page.

When Twitter initially announced that it would be adding podcasts to its platform as a revised Spaces tab, the company indicated that these podcasts would be accessible to a group of English-speaking users throughout the globe on iOS and Android devices. Furthermore, the corporation stated that these podcasts would be accessible in the sequence in which they were released. Twitter has already announced that it would begin testing podcasts with subscribers to its Twitter Blue service.

The Spaces tab has been revamped to include a new feature called “Stations,” which allows users to create customised hubs that combine material from various categories like news, music, sports, and more. This functionality was included as part of the Spaces tab revamp. The issues and people you choose to follow will have a significant impact on the kind of suggestions that are provided to you. Twitter users will soon have access to a curated selection of live and recorded Spaces from which they can choose what to watch and listen to. In addition, the hubs will include broadcasts of a piece of the most well-known podcasts from across the world.

When you first glance at the newly redesigned Spaces Tab, you’ll see that it’s divided into three different zones. At the top of this page, you will notice a list of Stations from which to pick. These Stations scroll horizontally and feature various issues and motifs that you may listen to. Following that is the Spaces focus, which provides a selection of the audio material picked with the utmost care. As the last step, you will be given a list of future Spaces.

Twitter’s goal is to give customers an “all-in-one, personalized audio destination,” and the firm claims that podcasts are part of that strategy. Consumers can achieve this aim if they have access to more audio material to listen to. According to the firm’s research, 45 percent of Twitter users in the United States listen to podcasts monthly. The firm provides this information. As a result, the company will recommend podcasts to customers to assist them in finding information related to the areas in which they are interested.

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