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30+ Best Infographic Design Firms in the United Kingdom | 2022

The best infographic design firms in the United Kingdom are home to many amazing infographic design firms now in operation. In 2021, you will have a wide variety of options available when it comes to hiring a business to take care of your requirements for infographic creation.


We will help you make a better and more informed choice about which design business is perfect for you by looking at the 30 top infographic design firms available to hire in the UK. This will allow you to make better and more educated decisions. Continue reading to find more information about some of the UK’s most outstanding infographic design businesses.

1. Brafton

One of the most accomplished infographic design teams in the industry is Brafton. They provide various alternatives, giving you more control over the infographics you create than is possible with any other design team now available. You can modify your design so that it fits your needs and contributes to accomplishing the objectives you have set for your brand.

Interactive infographic designs, comparison infographics, and data visualization are just a few alternatives available to you via this company. Suppose you are interested in utilizing their design services. In that case, you should check out their website since it has a significant amount of extra information on using infographics and how their customers may profit from using them.

2. Infographic Designers

Best Infographic Design Firms in the United Kingdom

Infographic Designers have a staff of highly skilled and knowledgeable specialists, and they provide a wide variety of design services to their clients. The infographics that they create are the essential component of the job that they undertake. On their website, you can discover samples of their work and information about the many infographics they make for their customers.

They have shown their skill in the creation of viral infographics as well as a wide variety of other sorts of infographic designs. They collaborated with prominent businesses and organizations, such as the National Health Service (NHS), Eat, Uber, and the United Nations. They provide a tried-and-true service that has been around for a long time and can be relied on. If that is what you are searching for, you could be interested in working as an infographic designer.

3. Toast Design

Toast Design is a design business that collaborates extremely closely with its customers to generate infographic designs that the customers can be certain will fulfill their requirements. They provide designs that may be utilized on social media or as part of branding initiatives, and they span various industry categories and sorts of businesses.

They will collaborate with you to identify the design aesthetic more relevant to your demands and compatible with your company’s personality. They believe it is crucial to communicate ideas with customers, listen to criticism, and make adjustments based on that information. Toast Design is now regarded as one of the most accomplished infographic design teams in the United Kingdom.

4. Fabrik

When creating infographics by Fabrik, it’s about getting the message over effectively and easily. Fabrik is an excellent company to consider if you want to commission the creation of infographic material by a creative team that is familiar with the goals and requirements you have for the finished product.

They focus strongly on their customized approach, which involves creating designs tailored to meet each customer’s particular demands since each customer is one of a kind. They are enthusiastic about communicating information in a manner that is aesthetically pleasing and getting to the heart of what constitutes effective infographic design. If you are interested in learning more, you should contact their staff.

5. Presentation Experts

Best Infographic Design Firms in the United Kingdom

Displaying and presenting data in the form of infographic design is the primary emphasis of the Presentation Expert role. This indicates that they are a part of a subset of the design industry that most of the other firms we will discuss here are not. It makes perfect sense to find a firm to collaborate with that is pertinent to the requirements of your specific specialized market.

Presentation Experts have the skills and knowledge necessary to assist you in presenting information clearly and simply to understand the case you are interested in doing so. They will work closely with you to comprehend the goals of your infographic design requirements and the information and data you want to communicate.

6. Red Onion

Another firm concentrating on data visualization and all the ancillary topics accompanying it is called Red Onion. They assert that they can provide excellent infographics that are not only educational but also gorgeously created. They have extensive expertise dealing with data and can clarify concepts and facts that, at first glance, may seem quite complicated.

Be sure to look at their previous work on their website and find out what they can do for you if you are interested in understanding what they can do. They have a crew attentive to the details, and they have the essential expertise dealing with data, which you’ll want to look for in an infographic design firm before deciding to work with them.

7. Redirect

redirect is a firm that provides a wide range of digital design and marketing services, from branding and graphics to mobile applications and infographic design services. These services may be accessed on the company’s website. They have a long history of assisting customers in effectively communicating their thoughts and information via visual methods, and this expertise sets them apart from the competition.

They are aware of the significance of developing material that can go viral and designs that are likely to be widely distributed through social media. If you are interested in making the most of the infographic design services that they provide to customers, you can schedule a time to talk things over with them at your earliest convenience.

8. Parker Design

Best Infographic Design Firms in the United Kingdom

In addition, Parker Design provides various visual design services, with the primary goal of assisting customers in conveying difficult concepts and facts aesthetically pleasingly. They seek clever methods to show the data so the end user can take it in and understand it as rapidly as possible. Their goal is to make this process as efficient as feasible.

They seek methods to create a narrative with the facts or information you provide so that it is interesting, memorable, and shared with others. This is significant since retaining your target audience’s attention requires memorable information, such as infographic design content, which helps to keep your company in their thoughts. And it is the single most important thing to consider in this context.

9. Harrison Mann

Harrison Mann is an outreach firm that primarily emphasizes infographic design. The company is aware that, in most cases, images are more persuasive than words. When assisting their customers, they do it with a significant emphasis on the substance of infographics. You may learn precisely what they consider the advantages of infographics to be by referring to the infographic they’ve made and posted on their website.

They generate infographics with the goals of improving engagement and increasing conversions. Additionally, they seek to enhance comprehension and explain otherwise difficult facts or information. If that is the goal you have in mind for the informational visual material that you are creating, collaborating with Harrison Mann is likely to be beneficial.

10. Design Eclectic

Design Eclectic provides a wide variety of design services, and since they’ve started working with a market research firm named Vanson Bourne, they’ve also started providing infographic design services. Design Eclectic’s services may be found on their website. Since then, they have accumulated the knowledge, abilities, and experience required to design infographics successfully.

They have established a strong track record of successfully providing infographic material for a diverse spectrum of high-profile customers. Suppose you are searching for a firm with a track record in the information technology industry. In that case, you may consider hiring Design Eclectic for your infographic design requirements since they are recognized for working with top customers in that industry.

11. DesignCrowd

Best Infographic Design Firms in the United Kingdom

When you pick DesignCrowd to create your infographic design, you can collaborate with freelancers from across the globe. Instead of utilizing in-house staff, competent individuals will compete for your business, enabling you to choose the one you believe can best meet your goals.

Over a hundred thousand businesses have used DesignCrowd to fulfill their infographic design requirements. On the company’s website, there are several samples of the work created for customers via DesignCrowd, so if you’re interested in learning more, have a look.

12. Think Design Agency

Think Design Agency is proud of its design-based problem-solving abilities. As part of their spectrum of services, they can transform your message into the visual material you desire, which may include infographic design content. They are a reputable organization with a proven track record in the design industry.

They prioritize developing creative work that communicates the brand’s goals and reflects its distinct personality and aesthetic. They feel that grasping the issue at hand, and the difficulty of transforming thoughts and information into consumable visual material is the first step.

13. Firefly

Firefly is a Scottish-based design firm. They provide various creative services, including advertising, digital marketing, site design, video production, and infographics. They must work closely with their customers to help them realize their objectives and preserve the best client satisfaction standards.

You may see their portfolio on their website to better understand the material they generate for their customers. You may contact them to discuss your requirements and start the collaboration process. Firefly is centered on close cooperation.

14. Infobrandz

Infobrandz is an additional interdisciplinary design firm that offers various data visualization services to its customers. If your firm specializes in business and finance-related graphics, you might consider hiring them. Additionally, they provide the track record and expertise that most customers want.

So far, they have created over 3000 infographics for their children. They have been producing infographics for over a decade. They give customers an unlimited number of requests for tweaks and modifications. They are willing to continue working till the customer gets an infographic with which they are completely satisfied.

15. 99designs

99designs has shown that it can produce incredibly remarkable and styled designs that convey information in a manner that is both interesting and aesthetically pleasing to the viewer. They have a staff of highly rated, experienced designers available to them, and they can build a bespoke infographic for you in around a week. This eliminates the need for you to wait around.

Their designs include the facts and information you need to express with the gorgeous graphics they provide. Have a peek at the work 99designs has previously finished if you are at a loss to convey information to the people reading it. The abilities they provide may be exactly what you’ve been seeking.

16. Design by Soap

Design by Soap has an outstanding reputation in the design industry. They claim to be the foremost experts in infographic design in the United Kingdom. They prioritize infographic design content and are proficient at conveying data sets via visual graphics. They are pioneers of the format and have been providing customers with this service for a long time.

Design by Soap is among the best solutions available if you’re seeking infographic design expertise. They have developed graphical narrative material for companies and businesses like Microsoft, Google, and The Guardian.

17. Blink Designs

As seen by a review of the company’s completed projects on its website, Blink Designs use a variety of design approaches to convey sometimes tough and intricate information, producing narratives capable of inspiring and engaging the end user. Their reputation demonstrates that they are exceptionally skilled at what they do.

Blink works with customers from various businesses and sectors, distinguishing them from their competition. They have worked with security businesses, banks, transportation groups, and travel and tourist corporations. Niches. They will likely be able to assist them as well.

18. InfoGraphic Design Team

Best Infographic Design Firms in the United Kingdom

As their name indicates, InfoGraphic Design Team concentrates on the design of infographic material. They develop a variety of infographics, both static and interactive, with designs that captivate audiences and assist companies in successfully communicating their ideas. They use a team of researchers to learn as much as possible about your issue.

They will generate numerous design options when you collaborate with them and seek your input on the best approach. InfoGraphic Design Team provides firms with a money-back guarantee if they are not completely satisfied with the final product.

19. Alloy Marketing

Manchester-based graphic design studio Allow Marketing. They provide several graphic design services. Packaging design, print design, and designs for digital usages, such as infographic design, are examples. This design firm has an established track record and is one of the leading agencies in northwest England.

There are few firms with Allow Marketing’s track record and demonstrated ability. If you want to ensure that your infographics look great and convey complex information in an easy-to-understand manner, you should contact them and learn more about how they can assist you.

20. Flying Kite

Flying Kite is somewhat distinct from the other design firms on this list. They particularly work with groups in the nonprofit sector. If you operate in the nonprofit sector and seek a design firm that understands your requirements, you may want to consider Flying Kite.

Their portfolio of design services includes both print and digital design. Numerous prominent charities and nonprofit organizations have used their infographics. Their prices are maintained very cheap and competitive to offer charity with the greatest possible value. You may see their work on their website for additional information.

21. Design by Tonik

Sheffield-based graphic design studio Design by Toning. In addition to social media marketing, they create print, presentation, web, and exhibition designs. If you’re searching for infographics that meet these requirements, examine some examples on their website.

Design by Tonik’s team has created infographics for several firms in a variety of industries and areas. Their work is diverse, and it is evident that they have a competent staff keen to push limits and experiment with new design concepts. Design by Tonik might be a good match if this is what you’re searching for.

22. Matt Hollands

Matt Hollands is a graphic designer who works freelance and is located in Cornwall. He collaborates with various firms, notably new enterprises just beginning to develop their brand identities and marketing strategies. He has a knack for design and, more specifically, infographic design. The results of his labor have already been very beneficial to a huge number of companies.

He has garnered a reputation for being able to produce designs that are dynamic, unique, and effective in the way that they approach the process of presenting the information. If that’s what you’re looking for, check out his work on his website and learn more about how he approaches design.

23. Nim Design

nim design is a well-known firm for its ability to handle complicated data sets and produce functional infographic designs for its customers while also being aesthetically beautiful. Making data visually beautiful while keeping it simple and easy to understand may be challenging. Consider collaborating with nim design if this has proven difficult for you in the past.

They have experience working with various organizations, with a particular emphasis on charitable organizations and health-related groups. Talking to him about how they can aid organizations in that industry searching for assistance with graphic design would benefit such organizations.

24. Infographic

Best Infographic Design Firms in the United Kingdom

Get in contact with Infographic as soon as possible if you want to get a level of service that is both swift and competent and if you want to do so from a group of infographic specialists in whom you can have faith. They have experience working with companies in size and scope across various industries and market segments.

The experts at Infographic can assist you in developing a compelling narrative and narrating a tale via your infographics if these are your goals. They say that they will concentrate on simplifying your message and enhancing engagement while simultaneously presenting concepts and facts in a method that is quick and effective. On their website, you may see samples of recently finished projects they have worked on.

25. The Animation Guys

The Animation Guys have built a name for themselves because of their unique and instantly recognized graphic design material, including some remarkable infographics. They are committed to communicating complicated ideas in a way that is easy to understand. They use still photographs and moving animations to bring about the desired effect.

They have a solid comprehension of the requirements that contemporary organizations must fulfill to communicate their ideas to the audiences they serve successfully. If you like the design aesthetic that they use in their work, you can get in contact with them and discuss the requirements for the infographic design that you want.

26. Design Inc.

Design Inc. has a proven track record of designing excellent infographics for various companies. Design Inc. is used by famous companies such as Bombardier and Attenda, and the quality of their infographics is well-known. You may discover precisely what they can do by seeing their work on their website.

They recognize that infographics may be either sophisticated or quite basic. And the finest infographics efficiently communicate their content regardless of how basic or complicated the data or information is. Among other infographics kinds, Design Inc. offers comparisons, lists, processes, timelines, statistics, and informative infographics. They have every angle covered.

27. Opace

Opace has received good customer reviews and presently has a perfect Google+ rating. You may judge the quality of the work for yourself by visiting the company’s website and seeing samples of previous customer projects. They can communicate information clearly and efficiently.

They research and advertise the infographic on your behalf after it has been produced. Their crew provides a complete and all-inclusive service, so you don’t have to worry about anything. Not having to advertise your infographic relieves you of a substantial amount of labor.

28. Visual Evolution

You can choose the look you want to use thanks to the variety of infographics available from Visual Evolutions. You can use ordinary static infographics, interactive visualizations, or animated images, all of which make it simple to convey a narrative across various platforms and via some distinct channels.

You can find additional information on their website or by speaking with them directly about the professional services they provide if you are interested in learning more about how they can be of assistance to you as well as the differences between the various types of infographics they can produce for you.

29. Synergi Design

Synergi Develop has a variety of infographic designs to choose from, and the company emphasizes infusing the specifics of your brand’s identity into the infographics they design. They know the significance of maintaining a unified brand identity and a consistent branding strategy across all channels and platforms.

Their data visualization services may fulfill all of your requirements and assist you in effectively communicating detailed information to your target audience. They’ve worked for customers like Toshiba, the National Health Service, and many more. Visit their website to learn more about the important job that they are doing in the world.

30. Soapbox Digital Media

Soapbox Digital Media comprises a team of marketing and creative professionals that comprehend what it takes to successfully connect with an audience, enticing them to interact with complex-sounding content that is simple to comprehend. Through their work, they seek to establish long-lasting ties with customers.

Many specialists, such as copywriters and web marketers, create their infographics. You may contact them to learn more about how they can aid you. They’ve worked with a wide variety of customers from a variety of sectors. If you are searching for a trustworthy infographic design firm in the United Kingdom, you should investigate each of the possibilities listed above. Utilize the advantages of infographics as part of your marketing and branding plan in 2021. Infographics can effectively express ideas and information.

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