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Top 10 Best PC Part Picker Websites for 2023

The best PC part picker websites are available to assist you in organising components for your custom computer construction. These high-tech custom PC-building websites provide a wide variety of name-brand and generic computer parts and accessories from all over the globe. These cutting-edge PC component selectors back their goods with guarantees and provide round-the-clock help to ensure you have no trouble using them.

How do I choose computer parts?

Using a custom PC-building website is the recommended method. In this section, you will find the PC components you need to build your system. It has everything you need to assemble a fully functional computer, including parts and software.

Why PC Part Picker sites?

PC component picker websites, on the other hand, serve as a one-stop shop for all your PC-related requirements. At this store, you can get parts for desktop computers, gaming PCs, laptops, workstations, servers, and more. It lets you quickly compare prices, which helps you make educated purchases.

Which is the best PC part picker site in 2023?

A few helpful computer component selectors to try while assembling your PC include PCPartPicker, BuildMyPC, and PBTech. There are parts for people of different income levels, which may be supplied anywhere in the world. Users tend to give them higher marks.

Are PC part picker sites safe?

Pre-built computers and individual parts, both name-brand and generic, are all available on sites like They provide a safe method of online payment processing. A guarantee against product failure is included with your purchase from these stores.

Best PC Part Pickers in 2023 to Build Your Next PC

#1: PCPartPicker

Best PC Part Picker Websites

PCPartPicker is the go-to internet resource for do-it-yourself computer builders seeking information on component selection, compatibility, and cost. Try this helpful online tool to create virtual component lists and get compatibility advice. It provides current price data from many of the web’s most trusted merchants to aid your decision-making.

Features of PCPartPicker

  • You can quickly locate the finest components for your future computer by filtering categories and double-checking that everything you need is included.
  • It provides automated compatibility advice, warning you if you try to use components that aren’t designed to work together.
  • It provides current price lists from well-known online stores, allowing for straightforward price comparison.
  • You may establish price alerts informing you when a store provides a price lower than the specified amount.

#2: Logical Increments

Best PC Part Picker Websites

Logical Increments is the place to go if you need a trustworthy resource to help you assemble your next personal computer. You may find lists of components, guides, and even the plans for a video game. It’s a top contender for the best PC part picker websites title.

Logical Increments provides everything you need to set together: a computer, a home theatre, a gaming rig in your living room, or anything else. Equipment and replacement parts are available for shoppers of varying financial means.

Features of Logical Increments

  • Like PCPartPicker, this one provides access to the industry’s most significant inventory of components and tools.
  • Various pricing points are available to accommodate shoppers of varying means.
  • If you stick to components of the same quality level (Destitute, Superb, etc.), you’ll have a better chance of their working together.

#3: BuildMyPC

Best PC Part Picker Websites

BuildMyPC contains everything you need to create a custom-designed PC or a powerful gaming rig. All the parts you need to construct your PC may be purchased at low prices from this shop. You may also go through a variety of pre-made bespoke computers.

It’s helpful since it saves time and effort from going through several sites to find compatible components. The pre-built computers provide superior performance and compatibility. You’ll have plenty of possibilities to peruse if you’re set on hand-picking parts.

Features of BuildMyPC

  • It allows you to choose the components for a bespoke PC or purchase one already assembled.
  • A vast selection is available to meet your specific custom computer or gaming computer needs.
  • It has various parts, pre-built PCs, bespoke PC designs, and cheap gaming PCs to meet your requirements.
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#4: PCSpecialist

Best PC Part Picker Websites

PCSpecialist is among the best PC part picker websites and is a top destination for anyone looking to construct a bespoke computer. Laptop, desktop, all-in-one, mini, and gaming PC configurations are some options available. Setting up a server or a powerful workstation is another usage for PCSpecialist.

You can get everything you need to construct a computer right here. PCSpecialist’s services are available in the UK and across Europe.

Features of PCSpecialist

  • You may tailor your computer setup or desktop for gaming according to your requirements.
  • It provides a straightforward configurator without technical jargon to facilitate setup.
  • Superior customer service is provided to each consumer.

#5: Dream PC

Best PC Part Picker Websites

Dream PC is an innovative Australian PC component selector. This Australian custom PC maker employs a cutting-edge procedure that produces the industry’s finest PCs. To provide you with the specialised customisation customisation features you want, it has partnered with Resistance Laptops. You can get everything you need to assemble a top-tier computer right here.

Features of Dream PC

  • Each purchase goes through a compatibility check to provide the best possible experience for the customer.
  • It has everything you want or need for your computer.
  • In the case of custom-built PCs, it does stress testing to guarantee the highest quality.

#6: Digital Storm

Best PC Part Picker Websites

Here, we have the award-winning Digital Storm PC, the pinnacle of gaming and high-performance computer solutions. This art has state-of-the-art technology and high-quality parts, taking your digital life to new heights.

This custom-built PC uses the newest innovations in gaming gear, such as the best graphics cards money can buy from NVIDIA or AMD and the most cutting-edge CPUs money can buy from Intel or AMD, to give unrivalled performance. Get ready to be blown away by stunning realism, buttery smooth controls, and mind-blowing processing speeds.

This PC component selector page has been meticulously crafted to guarantee the highest possible standards. This supercomputer uses nothing but the finest parts from tried-and-true manufacturers. Each component has been tested extensively to ensure it is up to the highest standards of dependability and performance so you can have peace of mind when using your computer.

Features of Digital Storm:

  • State-of-the-art machinery that excels in every way.
  • The highest quality materials from renowned producers.
  • Performance-enhancing cooling systems tailored to your needs.
  • The assurance of a lifetime of service.
  • The ability to easily switch between games, create content, and multitask.
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#7: DinoPC

Best PC Part Picker Websites

Using DinoPC, you can construct high-powered, resilient devices designed for the harshest environments. Using it, with its superior construction, dependability, and customer service, is a breeze. All the newest parts for your gaming and desktop PC needs may be found here.

If you’re a gamer who wants to construct a robust gaming PC, you’ll want to use this sophisticated platform.

Features of DinoPC

  • It provides a selection of ready-made setups and parts to choose from.
  • Shipping times for all orders are kept to a minimum of two weeks.
  • It offers pre-configured systems built with high-quality components.

#8: PBTech

Best PC Part Picker Websites

PBTech is a renowned distributor of computer hardware and software components. It provides an easy way to purchase goods from anywhere in the world. Various computer hardware, including PCs, computer parts, printers, and office furnishings, is available here. The website is easy to use and browse through, so you can quickly assemble your computer.

Features of PBTech

  • It features wares produced by some of the best companies in the globe.
  • There are several price points available.
  • There is a convenient return and warranty policy in place.

#9: Pangoly

Best PC Part Picker Websites

Pangoly can help you out if you want to construct a new computer. This handy website provides a no-cost service advising you on the finest hardware and accessories to meet your requirements and financial constraints.

Pangolin has various laptops ideal for any use, whether gaming, productivity, or content production. Do you wish your mobile device performed better, had a longer battery life, or was more compact and easier to carry around?

Whether you’re a seasoned constructor or starting, Pangoly has you covered. Pangoly’s PC customisation customisation toolkit has a user-friendly interface. Building the perfect setup for you takes a few mouse clicks. You may streamline your search using their component filtering options and comparison tools.

Features of Pangolin:

  • Help in setting up your computer according to your demands and budget.
  • System configurations explicitly built for AMD Ryzen 7000 CPUs.
  • Various laptops for various uses, including gaming, work, and content production.
  • Alternate battery life and performance modes are available for mobile devices.
  • A streamlined PC assembler with advanced sorting and contrasting capabilities.
  • Advanced cable management and specialised, specialised cooling systems.

#10: NewEgg

Best PC Part Picker Websites

NewEgg is an all-encompassing online store. It offers everything from computer parts to clothing and accessories. Custom desktops, laptops, gaming desktops, business desktops, and all-in-ones may all be built using parts purchased from NewEgg. You can get anything you need, from whole computers to individual parts for building your own.

Features of NewEgg

  • You may select from both new and reconditioned items.
  • You can get the finest discounts in a flash.
  • It offers various computer systems, parts, gadgets, games, networks, and office supplies.
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This finishes our top ten list of best PC part picker websites and helpful PC-building tools. These marketplaces include a plethora of products and hardware parts for computers. Use these tools to assemble a custom PC, and report back with your results in the discussion below.


Where can I go to see whether PC components will work together?

Using PCPartPicker, you can ensure that all the parts you choose for your custom PC build are compatible. In addition to PCPartPicker, various resources are available in our article that may help you determine whether your gadget is compatible.

When using PCPartPicker, why do I get a warning about compatibility?

PCPartPicker’s compatibility warning flags instances where components might cause issues or need tweaking to work together.

Is it possible to get PC specifications securely?

Using Windows’ built-in system information utilities or third-party applications like Speccy are secure options for discovering PC specifications.

How can you determine whether your computer is malfunctioning?

Perform system diagnostics, look for software problems, and monitor hardware performance for any signs of irregularities to see whether your computer is acting up.



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