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What to Put on Top of a Chest of Drawers

Finding the ideal ratio of thoughtful accent items and deliberate organization is key when styling a chest of drawers. Starting from scratch is essential for properly decorating a chest of drawers. Remove everything from it, give it a good dusting, and read the tips given below:

Clean it

Focus first on the fundamentals. Remove everything from the dresser top, then polish the pieces to get rid of dirt and grime. Then utilize this time to remove anything off the dresser that doesn’t belong there (or in your bedroom). The first step is to start with a blank canvas because the usual dresser is cluttered with numerous unnecessary items.

Picture frames

It’s usually a good idea to give your decor a unique touch. Placing a few picture frames with your favorite images of you, your family, and your friends is a typical approach. If you want to decorate the wall above the chest of drawers, you can either make a gallery out of frames or just put a plain picture frame there. Either choice is acceptable.

Tall vase

A tall vase filled with lean fresh, or dried flowers is a wonderful choice if your chest of drawers is positioned in the corner and you want to add height and visual appeal. Include a collection of more compact accessories to complete the outfit. People used to adore how the simple, rustic style of the gorgeous natural oak table is complemented by timeless pieces.

An anchor

The area above a chest of drawers is the first consideration when decorating it. Select a necessary item for the drawers’ anchor, such as a wall mirror or framed artwork. A chest of drawers’ vertical lines can be optically balanced using round mirrors. Place the painting or mirror just over any tall drawers. Put the painting or mirror on one side of your dresser if it is wide. There is no need to be concerned about an anchor if your chest of drawers is positioned in front of a window. Simply remove any barriers and allow natural light to enter your bedroom.


To make this part of your home attractive and lovely, consider hanging a lovely piece of art above the chest of drawers. A painting over a dresser is a terrific way to display both items in your room, whether a landscape painting or an abstract painting with vibrant colors and geometric designs. The beautiful thing about employing artwork is that a stunning painting will be sufficient—you don’t need to add any other items to the dresser.

Add a tray

 Not simply ornamental, a gorgeous tray can be a practical addition to your bedroom. Place a tray you adore beneath the mirror or wall-mounted object on top of the dresser. Use the tray to organize small trinkets like seashells or little treasures, jewelry, perfume bottles, or other essentials.

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