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A $10 Billion Chinese Corporation has Recently Elevated a Robot to the Role of CEO.

Chinese Corporation Elevated a Robot to the Role of CEO, which means development towards the evolution of robots in our day-to-day life.

‘Ms. Tang Yu’ is a virtual humanoid robot powered by artificial intelligence (AI) appointed as the Rotating CEO of a Chinese Metverse Giant, the subsidiary Fujian NetDragon Websoft of NetDragon Websoft. Ms. Tang Yu, who will be in charge of the company’s organizational and efficiency divisions, is the first non-human creature to be assigned to a position in an executive capacity.

NetDragon Websoft, a Chinese company, develops mobile apps and multiplayer online games. The business hopes that adding the AI-powered robot would help them stimulate the applications more effectively. Dr. Dejian Liu, Chairman of NetDragon, made the following statement:

We think that artificial intelligence (AI) is the future of corporate management. Ms. Tang Yu’s appointment demonstrates our commitment to fully embrace the use of AI to alter the way we conduct our company and, ultimately, drive our future strategic development. “Tang Yu’s hiring underscores the Company’s “AI + management” approach and marks a significant step forward in the Company’s journey to become a “Metaverse organization.” We think AI is the future of corporate management, and Ms. Tang Yu’s appointment demonstrates our commitment to fully embracing the usage of AI.

Everyone’s first response is exactly what was predicted; everyone says the same thing: “the beginning of the end has come.”

Many individuals think that James Cameron’s epic science fiction blockbuster “Terminator,” directed by him, has come true, replete with an adversarial artificial intelligence known as Skynet gaining control of humanity. It was one of the media’s earliest representations of artificial intelligence, demonstrating the skepticism surrounding this technology.

On the other side, the firm claims that it exists to benefit humanity rather than harm it. The new CEO will allegedly try to improve operations’ speed and quality while increasing process efficiency. The robot CEO will also be a real-time data center powered by analytical tools to enable daily logical decision-making. The new CEO will implement AI technology across the human resources department. He or she will also enhance the working environment for employees and give incentives more following the company’s ideals.

Dr. Dejian Liu was cited as stating in this regard;

“In addition, it is expected that Tang Yu would play an important role in talent development as well as establishing a balanced and productive working environment for all employees.”

According to the firm's information, the robot CEO will raise the pace of execution, improve the quality of work operations, and promote the process flow. Furthermore, it was said that the robot would help the firm make logical judgments throughout daily operations and allow for a more effective risk management system.
Robot Is Appointed As CEO Of A 10 Billion Chinese Metaverse Company 1

With this change, the business is undoubtedly experimenting with and trying a new marketing approach, which seems to be working so far, as the company is now featured on most news article sites. It is also most likely to succeed in the robot’s real efficiency. If it is, it will open up a whole new universe for the artificial intelligence business. The artificial intelligence sector is already booming, with Gartner predicting it will reach $62 billion by 2022. This is a 21.3 percent increase over overall income in the previous year.

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