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Top 10 Creative Writing Companies in the UK

Are you looking to unleash your creative writing potential in the UK? Look no further! Our guide presents the top 10 creative writing companies in the UK to fuel your imagination and elevate your storytelling skills. Whether you’re an aspiring novelist, a budding poet, or a passionate screenwriter, this blog will introduce you to the crème de la crème of the UK’s creative writing industry. Get ready to dive into a world of literary inspiration and discover the perfect company to bring your words to life.

1.  Noble Words Creative Writing

Noble Words Creative Writing is a highly regarded company that offers superior writing and editing services to businesses and individuals. Under the direction of Karen Noble, an accomplished freelance content writer, ghostwriter, SEO blog writer, and copywriter, the company provides unmatched expertise in various fields.  Her outstanding credentials include a Master of Arts in Writing from Sheffield Hallam University.

2. Dorset Creative

Creative Writing Companies in the UK

Dorset Creative is a forward-thinking digital agency located in Bournemouth, United Kingdom. Their core competency is facilitating digital transformation by developing unique software, mobile applications, and web solutions, all of which feature impeccable design. The agency provides various services, including software and mobile app development, virtual and augmented reality experiences, multimedia design and 3D modelling, Microsoft services, and e-learning development. Dorset Creative received the Healthcare Technology of the Year award at the prestigious 4th annual National Technology Awards in 2020 in recognition of their outstanding contributions.

3.  Nu Creative

“Nu Creative” encompasses multiple companies, each with its unique specialization. First, a specialty print shop caters to custom needs, providing vibrant stickers, labels, and gifts. Their offerings include full-colour and foil options, ensuring visually stunning results. Another company, NU Creative Talent, excels in staffing and recruiting, specifically focusing on identifying top-tier creative, media, and tech talent for renowned global organizations. Lastly, NU Creative Ltd., a reputable B2B creative marketing agency based in London, has earned recognition for its excellence. Their innovative solutions and award-winning strategies make them a trusted choice for businesses.

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4. The Writer

Creative Writing Companies in the UK

Madavor Media publishes The Writer, a respected monthly magazine for writers. William H. Hills and Robert Luce, Boston Globe reporters, launched it in April 1887 to offer literary fans insights and support. This respected magazine advises and inspires authors. It covers fiction and nonfiction writing, young readers, revision, grammar, conferences, residencies, retreats, writing education, poetry, scriptwriting, writing prompts, creativity, and inspiration. The magazine covers the writing life, writer products, author interviews, essays on writing and publishing, getting published, freelance writing, promoting one’s work, self-publishing, and literary journal spotlights.

5. Workhouse Creative Marketing

Ribchester, Preston, UK’s Workhouse Creative Marketing is an integrated creative agency. Brand and activation ideas are used to drive commercial growth and tangible results. They offer research and insights, brand strategy and positioning, brand blueprint and value proposition, brand identity and visual language, print UX/UI, tone of voice and storytelling, video and motion design, campaign strategy, CRM, social content marketing, digital experiences, print management, events and experiential builds, and more. They solve business problems using their three core principles: people-powered brands, accurate perspective, and brand guardianship.

6. Curtis Brown Group

Creative Writing Companies in the UK

Curtis Brown Group is a prominent literary and talent agency in London, UK. Established in 1899, the company has undergone significant growth and diversification in the past decade, positioning itself as the top talent agency in the UK through strategic acquisitions of other renowned talent companies. With their extensive expertise, they represent a diverse array of established and emerging authors across various genres. In a notable development, it was announced in 2022 that United Talent Agency (UTA) would acquire Curtis Brown Group, further enhancing their industry presence and client opportunities.

7. Young Writers

Young Writers, founded in 1991 in Eastern England, has evolved into a globally renowned brand while remaining a family-run business. Young Writers organizes national writing competitions for schools to foster imagination and creativity, impart self-assurance, and improve writing skills. They provide valuable support to educators by creating engaging competition themes, providing unique resources, and awarding special incentives. Young Writers enables students and teachers to enjoy a rewarding writing experience through their efforts.

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8. New Writing North

Creative Writing Companies in the UK

New Writing North is committed to fostering and promoting writing and reading in Northern England. The agency, founded in 1996 in Newcastle upon Tyne, initially collaborated with North East writers. New Writing North joined Arts Council England’s National Portfolio program in 2012, expanding its reach to North England. The organization actively commissions new works, offers valuable development opportunities, fosters emergent talent, and facilitates significant connections within the literary community. New Writing North stimulates academic development in the region with its unwavering support.

9. Writing Point Ltd

Beverley Moore is an accomplished copywriter, content designer, and writing skills trainer. Her company, Writing Point Ltd., functions as her virtual headquarters. This dynamic company offers valuable services, such as expert copywriting, assistance with content strategy development, comprehensive writing skills training, and individualized one-on-one counselling. Writing Point Ltd. assists clients in attaining their communication objectives by emphasizing the delivery of superior written content. Whether through the creation of persuasive copy, the provision of strategic guidance, the improvement of writing skills, or the condition of individualized mentoring, they enable individuals and businesses to communicate their messages effectively.

10. Creativedge Training & Development

Creative Writing Companies in the UK

Creativedge Training & Development is a prominent training provider based in the United Kingdom that focuses on developing individualized learning solutions that enhance the workplace performance of individuals. They have been at the forefront of recognizing the efficacy of 90-minute bite-size learning since 2001. They adopted virtual classroom delivery early in 2015, demonstrating their dedication to innovative training methods. Their comprehensive service offerings include virtual training, customized courses, development programs, ILM qualifications, and assistance for organizations delivering their internal virtual training initiatives. Creativedge Training & Development is a dependable companion for enhancing the skills and competencies of the workforce.

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The UK is home to some of the best creative writing companies in the world. These companies offer various services to help businesses and individuals improve their writing skills and create compelling content. Take advantage of the opportunity to work with these top-notch companies. Take action now and contact one of these top 10 creative writing companies in the UK to take your writing to the next level. The time to act is now!



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