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How to detect AI-generated content using AI Detector Pro?

The current era of artificial intelligence has helped us a lot in multiple fields of life. It has multiplied the output rates of various tasks. The AI writing process is considered among these advancements made by different tools. However, when it comes to authenticity and originality, these tools are not compatible with humans. So, setting AI written material apart from human written content is essential. This article mainly focuses on the basics of AI detection tools, including their working methods. It explains the different features of a professional AI text-detecting tool, AI Detector Pro, and its pros, cons and implications.

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How AI Detector Tools Work

AI Detectors would search for general aspects within the text that exhibit these abnormal text patterns and characteristics, likely to be found in text created by an AI system. These general aspects include:


Perplexity measures the predictability or naturalness of text. AI models aim to produce low-perplexity text so sentences are smooth and coherent. However, human writing leads to high perplexity because it is creative, sometimes very quirky, and, here and there, error-prone. The AI detectors can use perplexity to identify text that an AI might have generated.


By definition, burstiness is a sudden change in the style of language or tone. Human writers exhibit such natural fluctuations in their style, and AI-generated content may fluctuate abruptly due to its origin. In this case, AI detectors are looking for these abrupt changes to form part of the AI-generated text.

Top AI Detector Tools

Some AI detector tools are quite exemplary in their functions. Here are a few:


GptZero is vital for letting users discover AI content from models such as ChatGPT, Bard, and LlaMa. Additionally, it provides statistical analysis for this search. It can scan a maximum of 5,000 characters in one instance and is claimed to be the most precise while detecting AI text.


ContentDetector.AI identifies the text to be written by GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 models. It gives a probability score based on the likelihood that AI will produce a text. It also comes with the humanisation of the sentences by the AI, after which they will all sound natural.


The ZeroGpt is very accurate, open, and easy to use to find the content of the ChatGPT. It has a limit of up to 15,000 characters in the input text, is good with long texts, and is user-friendly. The users enjoy this platform for its clarity and ease of use.

Winston AI

Winston AI is relied upon for its top accuracy; nearly all the platforms have it integrated. So, it uses this versatility to work in all sorts of applications and warrants authenticity in the content.

What is AI Detector Pro?

AI Detector Pro is an advanced platform designed to determine content authorship and set humans from automated text created by an AI model. This is important for the integrity of written materials as AI development proceeds. In one such way, the AI Detector Pro platform empowers its users to ensure they can detect AI-generated material with ultimate precision. It couples AI detection capabilities with editing features into an easy-to-use package to offer a complete solution in content authenticity.

How to Use AI Detector Pro

Algorithm Analysis

AI Detector Pro enables artificial intelligence within the content by considering perplexity and burstiness, inferred in the analysis conducted by his or her neural network. This way, the tool will understand the probability of the content being made with it.

Review Suggestions

AI Detector Pro will then flag the possible areas that might be AI-generated in the text. The user needs to remember those suggestions and then manually make the rephrased text transformations to humanise the content to appear more natural and authentic.

Pros and Cons


  1. Accuracy: AI Detector Pro has provided reliable results, making it one of the relied-upon tools for verifying content.
  2. Humanisation: This API could humanise the text of this AI-generated one to be more like natural language and readable and perceivable.
  3. Integration: AI Detector Pro is integrated using Microsoft Word Add-ins for editing through Word for its content analysis.


  1. Experimental Nature: AI detectors, such as AI Detector Pro, are somewhat experimental. Sometimes, they may even wrongly detect the sought content but sometimes miss it, leading to false positive or negative detections.
  2. Mixed Content: The system may need assistance in accurately quantifying what percentage of the document is being prepared with AI assistance and what proportion is under development fully or partially by a human to create an AI-human hybrid document.

Major Applications of AI Detector Pro

AI Detector Pro can undoubtedly be used in an excellent range of applications. Here are some notable examples:


Authenticity is a vital criterion within academic circles: essays or written works not produced by an individual student are unfair to all other students. With AI Detector Pro, they will know how to detect AI-written essays or written works through personal devices to avoid such issues.


Journalists and editors use AI Detector Pro to detect originality within news articles and news reports and save the originality of journalistic texts despite the growing prevalence of AI-created news.

Content Creation

Content creators, like bloggers and marketers, can utilise AI Detector Pro to ensure that their work is authentic and does not carry a mark of potential unoriginality for the brand’s reputation and, in the case of plagiarism checks, respectively.


AI Detector Pro is the most effective tool publishers employ when vetting manuscripts and submissions for sageness. This way, published work is original and up to the required creativity and quality standards.


AI Detector Pro is a newly developed solution for the authenticity of text content today, complete with AI-assisted texts. It can differentiate between human-only and machine text and saves the documents’ integrity and authentic originality. Although the system currently stands at the experimental level and is limited by several constraints, it remains very advantageous, with high rates of accuracy, user-friendly interfaces, and easy integrations with many editing tools. Integrating AI detection into digital literacy can be very helpful in understanding and becoming better engaged with content.


Is AI Detector Pro free?

AI Detector Pro has a freemium model regarding its usage. The free option activates essential detection, while the premium includes functionalities such as advanced analysis and integration options.

Can it detect GPT-4 content?

Yes, you detect GPT-4, although this is done through experimentation in AI Detector Pro. This updating process will continuously bring new AI models, further solidifying AI Detector Pro’s detection capacity.

How do I use it in Microsoft Word?

All you need to do is install the Word Add-In, and you can use AI Detector Pro in your Microsoft Word application. After the installation, you can analyse and edit your content directly within Word.



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