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How Many Digital Marketing Agencies are there in the UK?

Behind every successful business, brand, social media platform, or blog, there is a team of creative and hard-working professionals who work together in non-technical and technical capacities. These are the individuals who take on new challenges and help you interact with your customers in digital marketing. Digital marketing agencies are always looking at several ways to get new clients and push the technology boundaries further.

Today, we shall be covering some of the best digital marketing agencies in the UK. Also, we will identify the number of agencies in the UK. Some top agencies are result-oriented and alter the way people look at a brand. From design projects to website development to SEO, digital strategy, mobile marketing, and email marketing, these agencies help you hit every note of your marketing campaign.

How Many Digital Marketing Agencies in the UK?

The number of digital marketing agencies in the UK has grown dramatically. The number increased 5.8% per year on average between 2017 and 2022. As of now, there are more than 7500 digital marketing businesses in the industry of digital marketing in the UK. Let’s explore some of the top marketing agencies!

Top Digital Marketing Agencies in the UK

Creative Marketing (NW) Ltd

Creative Marketing Ltd is number one on every list of top digital marketing agencies. It is a top agency for many reasons. There are many agencies out there but it is a top pick in the UK because it offers extensive marketing services at economical prices.

The reviews of the agency suggest how good it is. It has maintained a 100% customer satisfaction rate and got 5-star reviews across different platforms. Our track record demonstrates the success we had in our projects. In addition, our services are quite affordable and we are always keen to work with businesses no matter what their size is. Similarly, we are a full-service marketing agency.

PPC Geeks

PPC Geeks is another top marketing agency in the UK. They have been doing absolutely perfectly to grow their clients’ PPC campaigns. While looking for an e-commerce and marketing agency in the UK. PPC Geeks can be the ultimate choice. They have a great clientele, thanks to Skypark Secure and Housing Hand using their marketing services. They tend to focus on small businesses and offer a free audit of Google ads. They have a good track record as well.

Pixel Kicks Ltd

Pixel Kicks Ltd is an expert in SEO and website design. They are experienced and can definitely vouch for the team. Their services include everything you expect from a top marketing agency. Their services are quite economical too.

Soap Media

Soap Media is one of the finest digital marketing agencies with an experienced team of more than 25. They have been growing a powerful agency for more than 17 years, whilst working with renowned businesses like American Golf, and Adobe. They provide specialist PPC and SEO services. So, if you are looking to hire an agency, consider one of these top agencies in the UK.

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