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Forbes Shares the Leaked Design of the iPhone 15

Forbes shares the leaked design of the iPhone 15 and keeps its readers apprised of the most recent information on its design and features. Forbes had previously informed everyone months before the release how the future iPhone would be, which was repeated for every one of the prior iPhones. Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst for Forbes, believes that Apple will replace the physical volume and power buttons on premium iPhone 15 models with solid-state (immovable) controls that offer input through haptic motors. These buttons would replace the physical buttons that are now used. In addition, we are already familiar with its codename.

Another unauthorized disclosure from Shrimp. ApplePro tweeted that Apple is working on an “iPhone with no physical button,” which is quite close to a concept that ApplePro has previously proposed. Project codename ‘Bongo’. Kuo has stepped out to explain his knowledge as;

“According to the results of my most recent poll, the volume button and the power button of the two high-end new iPhone models, the iPhone 15/2H23, may adopt a solid-state button design (similar to the design of the home button on the iPhone 7/8/SE2 & 3), which would replace the physical/mechanical button design,”

According to Kuo, Apple will place what it calls Taptic Engines (the company’s name for haptic motors) on the inside left and right sides of the upcoming iPhones. These Taptic Engines deliver force feedback to give the impression that the user is pushing actual buttons. It is interesting to note that Kuo claims that he also anticipates premium Android devices will swiftly adopt this style.

Will the iPhone 15 support USB-C?

Mark Gurman is a proponent of Apple including USB-C into the iPhone 15 range, and he recently provided details on how the company plans to explain the changeover to customers.

“The transition from Lightning to USB-C is a positive thing for customers, even though Apple looks to be resentful that the government is interfering in the company’s product path,”

Gurman says they will indeed come to iPhone 15 models, which implies that it will be for the full range rather than an exclusive for the Pro/Ultra models, as some leaks claim. Even though Apple didn’t specifically confirm it would fix a USB-C port to new iPhones, Gurman says they will come to iPhone 15 models.

You can guarantee that when Apple unveils the iPhone 15, the change will not be characterized as an intervention by the government. It will be promoted to simplify charging across all of Apple’s products, including the iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Surprisingly, Display expert Ross Young disclosed the following information in a new supersweet addressed to his premium followers:

“Apple has not yet decided which display technology it will use with the SE4,” It is thought that it is evaluating 6.1-inch OLEDs from two different manufacturers in addition to 5.7-6.1-inch LCDs from two other sources.

It is rare for Apple, a business that typically works many generations ahead, to still be thinking over something as basic as the size of its forthcoming iPhone SE. I believe I understand why. The firm was persuaded due to the combination of booming sales of enormous 6.7-inch iPhone Pro Max models and dismal sales of the 5.4-inch iPhone Mini range, which ultimately culminated in the termination of the iPhone Mini series. However, poor demand for the iPhone 14 has prompted Apple to reduce the number of devices it manufactures in this model.

It was not intended for this to take place. Because of its enormous screen real estate, long-lasting battery, and (relatively) reasonable pricing, many people, including me, predicted that the iPhone 14 Plus would sell the most units of the iPhone 14. Instead, Apple finds itself caught between smaller LCD choices that save money and an OLED display that is 6.1 inches in size. The latter could further cut into the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus sales at the lower end of the market. This is in addition to the fact that sales of the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus were already being held back at the higher end of the market by customers who opted for Pro models, where the price differences become less significant when spread out over a 2-3 year carrier contract.

As a result, Apple has to conduct some soul-searching. In addition, Young said in a follow-up supersweet that the business won’t introduce the iPhone SE4 until 2024, which means that Apple still has time to study the longer-term sales of all iPhones before making a choice. This gives Apple more time on its hands.

Apple may have made a mistake in its product categorization strategy for the first time in years, making this a choice with massive repercussions. This approach has also prompted questions over the placement of other product lines, like the entry-level and Pro-level iPads and the entry-level M1 MacBook Air, against its successor, M2.

I would not be surprised if the reported delay in shipping the M2 MacBook Pro is not related to the company rethinking how it will position M1 models in general: continue selling them at a reduced price like the M1 MacBook Air and risk further cannibalization or completely replace the models. Across numerous product lines, it is a developing issue that Apple must address.

The premise may seem odd, but it makes sense. Apple has extensive expertise with haptic motors; since 2015, their MacBook touchpads have effectively used this sensory deception technique. Additionally, the corporation downsized its haptic engines to debut 3D Touch with the iPhone 6S but failed to make its use simple, resulting in the feature’s demise with the iPhone 11.

This was a rare instance of Apple producing excellent hardware without a suitable software application. Thus its return seems appropriate. Additionally, moving components incur a more significant failure risk. Thus the move should boost dependability and save repair costs. Additionally, it may enhance water resistance. Given that there will be motors on both sides of the phone, the technology might be expanded to deliver DualSense-like feedback in games.

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