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Google will Launch a Startup Accelerator for the Circular Economy in Pakistan.

In this program, Google will select and support startups and non-profits that use technology to address circularity challenges.

Google has always been enthusiastic about encouraging productive economic activity and developing novel business concepts. Only very recently, Google launched a startup accelerator economy in Pakistan.

Because the Asia-Pacific region as a whole and Pakistan, in particular, are currently adversely affected by climate change, people need to innovate and come up with excellent economic solutions. This kind of thing will get a boost from Google Startup.

The program will choose organizations that employ various forms of technology to address various circular issues. These challenges include reusing, refilling, recycling, composting, fashion, food, safe and circular materials, and environmental protection. Other challenges include fashion, food, and safe and circular materials.

The Asia-Pacific region is a significant part of the world because it is home to more than sixty percent of the total human population. This equates to somewhere in the neighborhood of 4.3 billion people, which is a population that requires some form of management. The improper management of these regions and population growth over the past half-century has resulted in a significant rise in that area’s pollution level.

A recent study found that only ten rivers are responsible for 90 percent of the plastic waste in our oceans. It may be a surprise to learn that eight of those ten rivers are in the Asia-Pacific region. These are problems, and the only way to solve them is to develop new solutions and improve existing ones.

Through this program, Google will assist not only Pakistan but also the entirety of the APAC region in developing an economy that is more sustainable. When we talk about a sustainable economy, we’re referring to one that is not only more equitable but also more sustainable and safer for each person.

If Google selects your company or organization, you will receive various learning sessions, including one-on-one and one-to-many interactions, technical assistance, and mentoring from Google engineers and other industry professionals.

Between October 4 and November 14, 2022, applicants can submit their materials to be considered for the Google Startup accelerator. The beginning of the program is slated for February 2023.



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