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“Health Card Must Be Ruined” – Maryam Nawaz; New Audio Clip Exposed.

Health Card Must Be Ruined Maryam Nawaz Audio Clip Exposed Another audio recording of the Pakistani prime minister and his niece, Maryam Nawaz, daughter of previous prime minister Nawaz Shareef, has been released by the hacker, bugger, or whatever the source has been. Regarding the previously disclosed audio samples for sale on the dark web, government spokespeople have said there is no indication of criminal activity or desire to damage the nation in the leaked audio, but this fresh leak contradicts that assertion.

The government has prohibited airing this footage on mainstream television, yet they are available on Twitter.

In the audio tape, Maryam Nawaz is heard saying, “Uncle, I believe you should ruin the health card since Imran (Imran Khan, previous prime minister) has nothing to demonstrate (his credibility) other than that card.”

The current prime minister, Shahbaz Shareef, responds, “Don’t worry, I’ll get it done; we simply need a comparable facility (to provide to the public), and I think we can handle it soon.”

The two then discussed the facility they would supply to replace “Imran’s Health Card.” If the idea of undermining the previous government’s public health care programs to tarnish their reputation is not anti-national, I do not know what is. There is no substance or discussion of these clips elsewhere on news networks since the government has strictly prohibited their airing.

Multiple Twitter accounts have claimed to be the hacker, predicting the imminent release of other information. One anonymous account entitled “Indishell” has been covering these attacks extensively, tweeting anti-government messages, and said that additional footage would be published on Friday.



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