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The Untold Story of a Housewife Daily Struggle to Manage Home and Family

A woman is a superhero. Housewife daily struggle and sacrifices themselves for their family and work. A woman keeps a balance between both work and family. She is an inspiration for all others. We can see that it’s very easy for people passing by saying that how could she leave her house and work and how can she imagines leaving her kids at home and do her job. People should mind their own business and should not pass comments on what a woman is doing and what not. A woman as a mother plays a vital role in the upbringing of a child. Moral values are taught by the mother and hence the child will always keep them in his memory forever.

Women can be a mother, a housewife, or someone who works in an office. She knows better than how is she managing all stuff. Their housewife daily struggle hard to take care of family members and especially children and does all chores of their house. People think that the housewife job is easy but it’s not that easy. She has to take care of children, in-laws, and her husband. Housewives’ daily routine is a bit different from working women’s. She wakes up early in the morning and prepares breakfast for everyone. She also has to feed her children and send them to school and in this, she doesn’t get time to do proper breakfast. A typical housewife starts thinking of lunch just after breakfast because this is the way it has to be.

Now in this modern era, for cleaning a house we keep a maid but other household tasks are still being done by a housewife. In the afternoon, a housewife waits for her children to come, and then after getting them changed, she serves her children and her in-law’s food. She gets time to rest but in most families, we see that housewife don’t take rest she just helps out the children with homework after lunch and in the evening she prepares dinner and feeds the children, and waits for their husband to come. In the end, she comes to take a rest and this is the time when husband and wife discuss how their day went but some husbands don’t ask because they think that their work is more important than hers.

Nowadays we see that housewife daily struggle to take part in doing the job as they know that one person’s salary is not enough for all. Either staying at home or going out to do a job they are giving their best. While doing a job a housewife should be organized and disciplined. The housewife is a multitasker at one time she manages her job and all her chores. She plans her day in advance and according to it, she performs her work. She can delegate some tasks to her children or any other family members. When she assigns tasks to her children she is teaching them the responsibility of work.

A housewife should also take out some time for herself to get relaxed and enjoy time with her children and husband. After all, this housewife should be appreciated but sometimes she is undervalued and overlooked. There are no fixed timings for a housewife to work. With round, the clock her day starts and ends. Many housewives have fewer career opportunities due to their experience and qualification. Housewives have to balance multiple tasks at a time which can be overwhelming and can be challenging too because for this they are not paid they are simply blessed. So, members of the family should help her complete her tasks. She should also be considered a human being and should be taken care of her likes and dislikes.

Despite all responsibilities and challenges faced by housewives, they should be loved. They should be appreciated and blessed. Because after getting married they don’t think of themselves they only worry about their in-laws, husband, and kids. Hence, the prime responsibility of a housewife is to take care of her family. The housewife is the heart of the home and without her, the family would fall apart. A housewife may not get a paycheck but she is rewarded with love and gratitude from her family. When a housewife turns into a mother she has the responsibility to mold her children the way she is and this is the toughest job of all. If she doesn’t pay attention to her children they may choose the wrong path and hence all will blame she didn’t keep a check on them.

In conclusion, housewife daily struggle to perform well. Side by side husband should also take care of the wife and help her do chores. It is important to recognize and appreciate the work of housewives and provide them with the necessary support and resources to make their jobs more manageable. By doing so, we can help to improve the lives of millions of women around the world who dedicate themselves to the important work of being a housewife. Housewives are responsible for managing a household and taking care of their family members while working women are employed outside the home and contribute to society in various ways.

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