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how a creative director shaped Ledgermatic brand?

Do you want to know how a creative director shaped Ledgermatic brand? If your answer is yes then this blog provides you all information regarding this.

If you want to disrupt your business and challenge what people expect from the services you provide, your brand identity should be strategically evaluated.

Ledgermatic came to 99designs Studio specifically for this. They wanted to build a premium brand identity that made them appear more experienced than they were at their age when they first debuted. Ledgermatic is setting the bar for businesses aiming to prosper in a tokenized economy by offering the first-of-its-kind digital treasury management system that bridges the gap between traditional finance and cryptocurrencies.

Blogking was tasked with expanding the Ledgermatic story beyond the logo and building a brand identity that would offer them a controllable set of brand materials that fit their principles as part of the brief.

The person who is being served is the client.

By offering the required tools, Ledgermatic enables businesses to serve as their own bank. Ledgermatic’s portfolio of services can help businesses gain the benefits of a tokenized economy.

The Ledgermatic platform is a single, comprehensive platform that allows businesses to use cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum to make long-term investments, manage collateral, and build secure payment gateways all from a single, centralized location.

Perspectives on the future

Commercial solutions for corporate treasurers and Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) look, feel, and function quite differently than organizations that provide crypto services to everyday clients, such as Gemini and Kraken, both situated in the United States. The purpose of Ledgermatic is to bridge the gap between encryption and practical, secure solutions for both enterprises and consumers.

Ledgermatic recognized early on that they needed a brand identity that communicated not only the futuristic, techy feel that people associate with the platforms they use to buy, hold, and store cryptocurrency, but also the message that Ledgermatic is designed for large-scale corporate use and thus provides the functionality and security that businesses require.

The branding strategy used by BlogKing is simple.

Ledgermatic intended to debut the new brand as quickly as possible, but they were clear that the most important goal was to enter the market with a cohesive, clear, and strategic brand identity that could be built upon in the future.

99designs Studio has been optimized in order to achieve this. We provide clients with access to the most creative design experts as part of a comprehensive start-to-finish solution, allowing us to deliver agency-quality work at a price that fits their budget.

Everyone who works with us is assigned a Creative Director, a design expert who will guide them through the entire process, from the initial discovery to the final delivery of brand materials. The two organizations developed a strategic alliance with Shwin, Ledgermatic’s Creative Director, who has more than a decade of experience developing brands with top-tier studios and agencies in London.

In addition, Ledgermatic has opted to offer a brand planning session. They were able to really go deep into their brand’s key concepts and map a course for their brand development strategy before diving into the creative process by attending this session.

Ledgermatic’s personalized brand identity bundle contained the following items:

• Changes to the logo’s color scheme

• The incorporation of visual elements

• The color palette

• The use of typography

• Symbolography

• Brand guidelines are explained in detail.

Incorporating business knowledge into the creation of a brand identity


Conducting research is the initial step. To create the fundamental components of a brand, we must first comprehend the client’s objectives and their distinct strategy to accomplish those objectives.

The 99designs Studio team planned an input session with Ledgermatic for the branding project to learn more about their product and how it worked, as well as the company’s overarching mission and objectives.

The session of brainstorming

Following the input session, which was organized by 99designs Studio, a 2-hour creative workshop with Ledgermatic was held.

Exercises were used to help the client discover the “6 What’s”: what we stand for (purpose), what we believe in (values), who we want to engage (target audience), what distinguishes us (differentiators), what we offer (product offering), and what we say and show (communication strategy) during this guided session (persona and tone of voice). The Minimum Viable Brand, as well as the essence and core of the brand, will be identified using this framework, which the customer can use as a starting point for any future brand strategy development.

As a result of this process, the client and the 99d Studio team were able to cooperate on the Ledgermatic brand positioning as well as the major findings for the creative brief.

Shwin, their Creative Director, also used the workshop to go over a mood board, which aided in gathering feedback from clients and determining the design project’s direction. This would act as a road map to help steer early design concepts in the appropriate direction.

concepts that are distinct

The Creative Director got to work on the project after completing research and producing a number of proposals to present to the customer. Each idea presentation included a variety of design samples to help clients visualize how the entire brand could be brought together; color palettes, examples of application, icon style, and visual components were all presented.

When the client was presented with a concepting presentation, he carefully considered all of the options and offered feedback. They chose the creative branding approach that they thought was the most inventive based on their comments on color possibilities, graphics, and symbol design. This feedback was taken into account by the Creative Director, who worked to further develop and improve the concept, finally resulting in the final brand assets.

Putting the brand into action

It was a rather quick process, taking only three weeks from the initial brainstorming session to a completely fleshed-out brand identity ready to launch.

Futuristic branding elements such as gradients were merged into the visual design with the help of the logo, which was previously created on the site by Tiago Designer, and the Bo rad icon collection. They also used a sans serif typeface to enhance approachability and clean, geometric imagery to emphasize clarity.

The logo’s creative elements were all created to portray a visual concept of evolution, which connected everything together.

It was exactly what Ledgermatic needed: a new, futuristic set of brand assets that established Ledgermatic as a challenger brand while also allowing them to grow and evolve.

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