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How to Plan a Trip for a Large Group?

Do you want to know how to plan a trip for a large group? If your answer is yes then this blog provides you all information regarding this.

Organizing a group trip can at times feel like herding cats. No matter what role you play in your group’s vacation preparation, our 10 suggestions will make the process of planning — and traveling — much more pleasurable and efficient.

Here’s how to make sure you’re planning a terrific group vacation.

Get started as soon as possible.

Once you and your friends have decided to embark on a trip together, start planning your itinerary. Keep the notion fresh; otherwise, you can up booking everything at the last minute, missing out on great deals on flights and accommodations (using our Price Alerts tool can help avoid this). Furthermore, the longer you wait, the more things are likely to “come up” and people will forsake you.

Make a budget pool for allocating monies.

Consider pooling cash by collecting a fixed amount (say, $500) from each individual before your vacation once you’ve calculated how much money your friends have to spend. The group’s planner can use this money to pay for things like hotels, food, transportation, drinks, and other things while you’re on vacation. Divide any money left over at the end of the night or enjoy a crazy night on the last night. PS: If you’re traveling with a group of pals and are on a budget, check out these inexpensive international and local destinations.

Make every effort to be Democratic.

Unless you’re planning a bachelor’s party or a birthday celebration, it’s best if everyone in the group has a say in the trip planning (in which case the person of honor should have the most influence). That is, everyone gets one vote on the location, dates, and accommodations (good thing we built a tool for that). Choose to draw straws when choosing rooms to ensure that everyone gets a fair shot (and so that no one gets left out).

Everyone should be in charge of their own flight bookings.

It should be the responsibility of each individual to organize their own flight, regardless of how convenient it may be for everyone to come at the same time. Two advantages of doing so are avoiding the dreaded “Can you spot me — I get paid next Friday” conversation and pricey booking mishaps (“I thought your birthday was August 19th!”).

Reserve a table for dinner ahead of time.

Supper arrangements should be made in advance if you are traveling with a large party. Unlike breakfast and lunch, which may be organized on the fly, dinner reservations should be made in advance if you are traveling with a large group. This way, you can rest assured that you will be accommodated and avoid the dreaded “7pm stroll” around town, where every popular restaurant has a two-hour or longer wait.

Make a strategy for getting around.

Are you, first and primarily, renting a car? If that’s the case, who will be in charge of obtaining an international driver’s license if you’ll be traveling internationally? If this is the case, make sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to taking public transportation or using ridesharing services. Some people may be unwilling to pay the increased fees associated with surge pricing, while others may be unwilling to go underground. You’ll be able to decide whether hiring a driver or taking public transportation is more cost-effective.

Please do not use your cell phones at the table.

Set up a period for your group to eat together without their phones being visible to one another. Instead of racking up false internet points, spend your time on this trip bonding with one another and getting to know one another better. You might even make it a rule that phones must be placed in the center of the table during dinner. The person who takes theirs first must pay for a round of drinks.

Be careful not to overpack your belongings.

This is especially true if you’re going to a lot of different places. Packing efficiently will save you time on the road (since there will be no luggage claims), money (thanks to Basic Economy), and worry. You won’t have to drag multiple suitcases to your vacation rental, and you won’t have to hire multiple cabs to move all of your goods. Maintain a straightforward approach.

Don’t give up on the group (without a meet-up plan).

What you’re expressing is clear to us. It’s a great moment to be alive. But remember why you’re going on this trip in the first place: to spend quality time with your pals. Apps like Glympse and Google’s Trusted Contacts allow you to share your position with the group so they can keep track of where you are if you get lost.

Don’t forget to thank your planner for his or her efforts.

Who was in charge of putting this trip together? Your one and only friend? Please let them know how much you appreciate what they’ve done for you. Purchase them a luxury cocktail, contribute to the purchase of a particular present, or simply send them a card to express your gratitude for their efforts.

The person in charge of planning your group holiday has a challenging job ahead of him or her; please help them out by making things easier for them. Follow the guidelines here to see how you can honour the planner in your life for a chance to win $5,000 toward your next group vacation.

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