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Cricket World Cup is the Biggest Source of Entertainment

Women’s Cricket World Cup

ICC is also promoting cricket among women. Also organized the ICC cricket world cup for women. The body formerly known as the International Women’s Cricket Council has likewise been absorbed into the International Cricket Council. 1973 was the year of the first competition for the Women’s World Cup. The Australian squad has been the most successful overall. They have a total of six world cup championships to their name. The England national football team finished second in the World Cup.

They are the only team in world cup history to have won four championships. The England women’s national team is the reigning champion of the Women’s World Cup. The world cup is currently being led by Debbie Hockley, who has the highest score. She now has 1501 runs scored. Lyn Fulton is the player who has taken the most wickets. She has been responsible for 39 doors. Every single World Cup is staged in a new nation each time. India and England have hosted the World Cup on two separate occasions.

Cricket schedule of Test team nations

The International cricket council makes a cricket schedule for test-playing nations. All of them are required to compete in bilateral series since that is how the ICC operates. One is at home, while the other has been living apart for more than ten years. A future tour program is sometimes abbreviated as FTP. At least two of the series have to be compatible with one another. They can play more than two series if the boards agree and the ICC grants permission. A mutual agreement between the two panels for a neutral location should be reached if the team does not want to go to another nation to compete in a bilateral series owing to safety concerns. Because of safety concerns in Pakistan, the Pakistan cricket team has been playing series outside Pakistan in Dubai for many years.

ICC Cricket world cup 2016 prize money

ICC gives huge prizes in every world cup because the team who performs well will get a handsome amount of money, medals, and trophies. The award for the ICC Cricket world cup 2022 was $10 million. It was more than 33 percent of the previous World Cup edition, which took place in 2019. The prize money is distributed as follows: the winner of the World Cup takes home $1.6 million. The ICC awarded $80,000 to the squad that came in second place. The losing team in the semifinals will each get $400,000. The extra that a team receives for winning super 10 round matches is $50,000, and for those teams who competed in the world cup, a total of $300,000 will be split among all of the units.

Live Cricket matches online

The game that receives the most excellent attention from spectators in nations with test teams is cricket. People prefer live cricket matches online because it is difficult to go to the stadium and watch live matches. Because there is such a large audience inside the stadium, spectators boo and holler during the games, resulting in excessive background noise, making it difficult to follow the action there. People of legal drinking age should make it a point to watch cricket matches at home with their families. Young people can go to the stadium and physically protect the game.



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