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Men’s Hairstyles from the 70s Disco Era

Step into the Time Machine

The 1970s were an era like no other. Disco music ruled the dance floors, bell bottoms were the fashion statement, and men’s hairstyles from the 70s were iconic. This journey will explore the memorable hair trends defining a generation.

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The Disco Fever

The keyword “men’s hairstyles from the 70s” takes us back to the heyday of disco. Disco fever not only made dancing shoes hot but also made hairstyles cool.

The discotheque was the place to be, and looking the part was essential. Men embraced flamboyant styles with flair. The classic disco haircut was all about being sophisticated and sleek. Think John Travolta’s electrifying moves in Saturday Night Fever, where he sported a perfectly coiffed mane that shone under the disco lights.

The Shaggy Hair

Allow me to take you on a journey through the shag,’ a kind of hairdo that perfectly captured the carefree vibe of the ’70s. Imagine a mane of unruly locks that is swept away from the face in layers. It personified carefree coolness personified.

When talking about men’s hairstyles from the 70s, the shag haircut deserves a spotlight. Its unkempt charm made it a favourite among rockstars like Mick Jagger. The shag wasn’t just a hairstyle; it was an attitude.

The shag was versatile, suiting both short and long hair. It was all about embracing natural texture and volume. This carefree style encouraged men to let their hair down and showcase their individuality.

The Afro and Long Hair

Amid the disco craze, the Afro hairstyle rose to prominence. It wasn’t just a fashion statement but a symbol of cultural pride. African American men proudly showcased their natural curls, making the Afro a powerful symbol of identity and style.

But the 70s weren’t just about Afros; they celebrated long, flowing locks. Legendary musicians like Jim Morrison and Robert Plant let their hair down, quite literally. Their mesmerizing performances weren’t just about the music; their long hair was a visual spectacle.

The Afro, in particular, was a symbol of empowerment. It represented a break from traditional grooming standards and spoke volumes about self-expression and cultural heritage.

Styling Products and Tips

Achieving those 70s hairstyles required a little magic in the form of styling products. Men used hair gel, mousse, and hairspray to tame or tease their locks into shape. If you’re looking to recreate these vintage styles today, modern products with a retro touch can help you achieve that nostalgic look.

For the shaggy haircut, the styling was all about creating that effortless, dishevelled appearance. A touch of hair mousse and a few tousling motions with your fingers would do the trick. This style was meant to look natural and unstructured.

The Afro, on the other hand, required specific care and maintenance. Regular conditioning and moisturizing were key to keeping the hair healthy and voluminous. Pick a wide-toothed comb to maintain the shape and avoid damaging the delicate curls.

Modern-Day Revival

Fast forward to the present, and you’ll find that the influence of 70s men’s hairstyles still lingers. Today’s fashion-forward individuals often draw inspiration from the disco era. Hollywood celebrities and fashion icons regularly flaunt revamped versions of those classic looks.

Whether it’s the revived shag or a modern twist on the Afro, 70s hairstyles continue to inspire. You can effortlessly incorporate elements of these iconic styles into your look to stand out in today’s fashion scene.


In summary, “Men’s hairstyles from the 70s” transports us to a time of dance, music, and unforgettable style. The disco fever, the shaggy hair, the Afro, and the long locks – each hairstyle has left an indelible mark on the fashion world. While the disco balls may have stopped spinning, the legacy of 70s hairstyles lives on, offering inspiration to a new generation.

So, why add a touch of the 70s to your hair game? Embrace the spirit of disco, and let your locks do the talking. Whether you opt for the sleek disco look or channel the free-spirited shag, you’re sure to turn heads and make a stylish statement, just like the icons of the past.

Now, it’s your turn to make 70s style your own. Give these legendary hairstyles a modern twist, and let the good times roll!

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