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Top 10 Security Guard Services in the UK

Welcome to our blog on the UK’s Top 10 Security Guard Services. This post will discuss the leading security guard services in the UK and what makes them stand out. These companies have been selected based on their reputation, customer satisfaction, and range of services offered. Whether you are a business looking to secure your premises or an individual seeking employment in the security industry, this blog is for you. So please sit back, relax, and let us guide you through the top 10 security guard services in the UK.

1. Mitie Total Security Management 

Mitie Total Security Management is a prominent security company in the UK, employing 12,000 personnel who safeguard the premises and staff of 4,000 clients across over 10,000 sites in the UK and Europe. They operate as an intelligence-driven security enterprise, utilizing their employees’ extensive knowledge and cutting-edge systems and technology to deliver optimal security solutions. Their services include lone worker protection, security guarding, fire and security systems, and mobile security.

2. G4S Secure Solutions 

Security Guard Services in the UK

G4S Secure Solutions is a well-known security company that operates all over the United Kingdom and specializes in providing a wide variety of businesses and events with a complete selection of security-related goods and services. They can provide complete security solutions by combining highly qualified security professionals with cutting-edge technological tools. Their vast offerings include guarding, fire and security systems, mobile safety, event security, canine services, front-of-house security, and other services. You may contact G4S Secure Solutions by visiting their website, where you will also find additional information and contact data.

3. Wilson James Ltd

Wilson James Ltd is a distinguished company that has been setting higher standards in security, construction logistics, aviation services, and technology services for over three decades. With a dedicated team of over 5,200 professionals, they leverage their extensive sector knowledge and service expertise to provide tailored and client-centric solutions across the public and private sectors. In addition to their core services, they also offer Advisory Services. To get in touch with Wilson James Ltd, please visit their website. There, you will find further information and contact details to contact them.

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4. Securitas Security Services Ltd

Security Guard Services in the UK

Securitas Security Services Ltd is a prominent worldwide provider of security services, prioritizing the protection of people and property across the globe. They offer a comprehensive range of services to ensure safety and well-being. Their six Protective Services include On-site Protective Services, Mobile Protective Services, Remote Protective Services, Electronic Protective Services, Fire & Safety Protective Services, and Corporate Risk Management. To contact Securitas Security Services Ltd, you can visit their website. There, you will find further information and contact details to get them.

5. OCS Group UK Ltd

OCS Group UK Ltd is a globally recognized facilities management company specializing in essential services, enabling their clients to thrive. Their diverse portfolio offers comprehensive solutions, including cleaning, security, catering, compliance, front-of-house, logistics, and more. With over a century of experience, OCS Group has consistently adapted to meet the evolving needs of its customers. You can visit their website to contact them or learn more about their services.

6. Bidvest Noonan

Security Guard Services in the UK

Bidvest Noonan is a renowned company that provides outstanding service and value to customers throughout Ireland and the UK. They prioritize building relationships with their customers, taking the time to understand their needs and priorities. As a leading player in security services, they are entrusted with safeguarding numerous client sites across the UK and Ireland. Using their vast expertise, unique skills, and advanced technologies, they provide outstanding customer benefits and guarantee total tranquillity. To contact Bidvest Noonan, please visit their website, where you will find further information and contact details.

7. Cordant Security

Cordant Security is a division of Cordant Services, which was acquired by Bidvest Noonan in 2021. Cordant Services has three distinct divisions: Cordant Security, Cordant Cleaning, and Cordant Thistle, a specialized industrial cleaning business. With an impressive turnover of around £170 million (€197m), Cordant Services operates across 1,900 client locations spanning various industries. To contact Cordant Security, you can contact them through the Bidvest Noonan website. For further details and contact information, please visit the Bidvest Noonan website.

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8. TSS (Total Security Services)

Security Guard Services in the UK

TSS (Total Security Services) is a prominent provider of professional manned guarding services in the UK. Since its establishment in 1989, they have experienced significant growth and employ over 6,500 individuals. They have remained dedicated to their core values throughout their expansion, with integrity paramount in all their endeavours. TSS offers diverse services, encompassing manned guarding, technology support, and management and maintenance solutions. To contact TSS or obtain further information, you can contact them through their website.

9. Axis Security Services Ltd

Axis Security Services Ltd is a prominent company that delivers security services for buildings and residences. As one of the leading security providers in the UK, they offer professional and dependable solutions across various industries. With a strong reputation, Axis Security serves over 300 clients who rely on their dedicated teams to ensure the security of their buildings, businesses, and reputation. To contact Axis Security Services Ltd, please visit their website. You will find further information and contact details to connect with them there.

10. Loomis UK Ltd

Security Guard Services in the UK

Loomis UK Ltd is the leading cash management specialist in the UK, dedicated to effectively managing cash circulation in society. Their comprehensive cash management solutions help you save money and protect against fraud and attacks. Furthermore, they offer detailed cash flow analysis down to the smallest denomination. Loomis provides a wide range of services, including secure money safes, intelligent smart safes, cash in transit, cash processing, coin collection, delivery services, and ATM management and replenishment services. To contact Loomis, you can reach them by phone at 0845 309 6419.

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The top 10 security guard services are reliable and trustworthy options when securing your business or property in the UK. These services preserve your valuables with unmatched skill and safety. Their highly qualified security staff will diligently monitor your property, deploy robust security measures, and immediately respond to potential threats. Don’t jeopardize your business’s security. Take action now and enlist the services of one of the top 10 security guard services in the UK. Your security is their priority; they are ready to provide you the protection you need. Contact them today to secure a safer tomorrow.



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