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The Low-Cost Airline Fly Jinnah Obtains an Operating Licence.

On Tuesday, The low-cost airline Fly Jinnah obtains an operating licence. Both the Air Operator Certificate (AOC) and the Air Operating License (AOL) needed for the airline to begin operations at Jinnah Terminal Airport in Karachi were successfully obtained.

Air Arabia Group and Lakson Group have collaborated to form the local airline Fly Jinnah as a joint venture. The Middle East and North Africa are both served by Air Arabia, which is the region’s first and largest low-cost airline. Similarly, Lakson Group is one of the most successful corporate conglomerates. Therefore, in a news release, the business announced its accomplishment that it had been granted a Regular Public Transport License by the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA). The central government of Pakistan gave the licence distribution the go-light.

The fact that the airline was granted both the AOL and the AOC is unmistakable proof that the company has attained all relevant professional qualifications. The airline adheres to all of the applicable requirements on safety and technology. Despite this, it is safe and sound for the corporation to function as a passenger and freight airline. According to the announcement made by the airline in the form of a press release, the company is in “complete compliance” with all of the technical and operational requirements imposed by the PCAA.

The low cost airline Fly Jinnah obtains an operating licence 2

In addition, the business would continue coordinating with the PCAA to determine the start date for the flights they would be running. The FJ Chairman of the firm said that a significant amount of work had been put in to get the licences. The company’s goal is to get its activities up and run and positively contribute to the economy.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Air Arabia Group, Adel Al Ali, remarked in a news statement that the PCAA has our utmost gratitude. PCAA has been there for us through every step of the process. Nevertheless, getting the permits was not a simple process at all. However, we are confident that Fly Jinnah (FJ) would provide considerable value to Pakistan’s aviation industry.

According to the news release, the firm had to demonstrate that its workers had received extensive training and were certified to gain the AOC. To fulfil the criteria and ensure the safety of the passengers, it was necessary to have a crucial infrastructure, as well as systems, processes, and procedures.

Unfortunately, it was also said that the airline would begin its operations with a fleet consisting of just three Airbus A320 aircraft. Karachi will serve as the hub for the airline’s operations, and the company will begin by growing its network inside Pakistan before venturing outside.



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