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Types of Essays Writing

Do you want to know what are the types of Essays Writing? If your answer is yes, then this blog provides you with all information regarding this.

Throughout your academic career, writing essays will be a frequent assignment. Additionally, you’ll probably need to write a range of essays, including argumentative and analytical essays. The diverse abilities needed for the various types of essays include the capacity to inject the figurative language into a personal essay in order to make it come alive and the capacity to critically consider a complex issue in an analytical essay in order to find a solution. Essays can have a wide range of lengths and formats; some can be elegantly condensed into a few words, while others can take up several pages.

Before you are required to write any of these seven different types of essays, become familiar with their differences. Once you comprehend the parallels and discrepancies between the two, you will become a superb essayist.

The four main types of written communication

Many of the websites you find online that are devoted to addressing the many types of essays will make mention the following four primary categories of writing:

• Influential

• Narrative

• Detailed

• Explicit

This is a list of four different ways to communicate the concept of an essay, not four different types of essays. These are the four most often employed of the nine traditional styles of rhetoric. This category also includes other approaches like classification and process analysis.

You can be obliged to employ one of these numerous rhetorical approaches when you are given the assignment to write an essay. For instance, you might be required to write an argumentative essay about whether or not you think a new policy that is being considered for adoption at your school should be implemented. In the essay you write, you will explain your position by using persuasive writing techniques, such as outlining your point of view on the suggested policy and any potential consequences of implementing it.

Gaining knowledge of the four main forms of written expression will help you better understand the writings you read. By examining the essay’s organization, tone, vocabulary, and method of presenting the main idea, you should try to ascertain the writing style the author is using when you are reading an essay. By doing this, you will be able to analyze an essay in greater detail and use what you learn to enhance the caliber of your own writing.

Individual essays

When writing a personal essay, you should concentrate on an event or subject that directly affected your life. It may be something that happened in the past, something that is taking place in your life right now, or it might be a more comprehensive examination of how various events and situations have shaped the person you are now.

Numerous narrative writing techniques are regularly used in personal essays. However, they may also use expository or descriptive techniques, depending on the essay’s content and theme. Personal essays and other types of essays, such as argumentative, humorous, and college application essays, might overlap to some extent.

“The Death of a Moth” is an example of a personal essay written by Virginia Woolf. In this essay, Woolf explores the transient nature of life by contrasting it with the certainty of death and illustrating the final moments of a moth’s existence.

Political Essays

You may be familiar with them as you likely read some of the most well-known political works in your history lessons. These articles, which address numerous facets of society, including how it should be regulated, were written by eminent philosophers and thinkers from the past and the present. Most likely, one of your classes has covered some of the most well-known political essayists, like Thomas Hobbes, John Rawls, and Jean-Jacques Rousseau. An essay about politics will typically analyze the current situation, comment on it, and give alternative remedies. The author will frequently make comparisons between current events and potential solutions. The types of writing that most closely resemble political essays are expository and persuasive.

The political essay “The Era of Easier Voting for Disabled People Is Over” by Sarah Katz serves as an illustration. In this article, Katz explores the potential negative effects of recent legislation intended to reduce voter fraud on the ability of voters with disabilities, as well as the positive effects of changes made to the voting process in response to the pandemic, which made voting easier for those with disabilities.

Essays that compare and contrast

The essay styles that students probably write the most frequently are those that compare and contrast two things. The writer of this kind of essay emphasizes the substantial differences and similarities that exist between the two topics being covered by contrasting and comparing the two themes.

You can be asked to compare two works you read for class, two historical figures from the period you are studying, two approaches used to accomplish the same goal, or two ideas your instructor brought up. In some circumstances, you might be asked to compare three or even more distinct topics. Contrarily, comparative and contrast essays usually concentrate on two different topics.

Essays that compare and contrast two objects are frequent examples of expository writing since the author’s comparisons disclose the essay’s thesis. These kinds of written works can also be seen as examples of persuasive writing when comparisons are used to persuade the reader to adopt a specific position.

An illustration of a compare and contrast essay combining Moby Dick and The Raven by Herman Melville and Edgar Allan Poe. This essay explores how a person could become unaware of their own suffering while yet feeling bound by it by contrasting and analyzing the various ways in which both authors provide their characters a challenging situation to tackle in their respective works.

Essays (for the college application)

There are certain essays you’ll write in college that won’t even be considered “college essays.” In actuality, you will complete all of your college essays prior to enrolling in college, unless you want to apply to graduate school or another type of specialized academic program while you are enrolled in college.

You must include a little piece of writing with your college application called a personal statement, which is another name for an essay. Its goal is to draw attention to the qualities of your personality and life experiences that make you a standout applicant for the college you’re applying to. Transcripts and these essays are both considered when deciding whether to admit a student to a college.

Most of the time, students write their college essays in response to inquiries made by the admissions committee, such as those found on the Common Application. These questions encourage applicants to respond to a variety of interconnected topics in order to make it easier for them to write engaging and compelling personal essays.

You may find sample essays for use in the college application process on websites like collegeessayguy.com. You can read excellent examples of essays that have been approved by colleges on these websites. There may be a page on your college’s or university’s website where prospective students can view examples of essays that have previously been accepted. The headline of an article published by a candidate who recently received acceptance to Johns Hopkins is Switching Shoes. The author describes in the essay how taking up a new sport stretched him outside of his comfort zone and ultimately changed the way he saw things. It pushed him to be more receptive to criticism, to speak up when he had questions, and to have a more complete understanding of the activity he had selected.

Essays with analytic content

Analytical essays concentrate on the core elements of the subject under discussion and reach conclusions by meticulously analyzing each of these elements. An analytical essay regarding the concepts presented in a political essay or the themes in a work of fiction may be required of you. Analytical essays are an example of expository writing, which has the goal of presenting information by offering an interpretation of the subject matter.

When writing an analytical essay, the author does not try to persuade the reader to share their point of view. Instead, the author introduces the work in question, such as a short story or movie, and then analyses its subject by examining the various ways it conveys that concept. You could, for example, write an analytical essay on how the film Up delivered its main point—that love is an activity motivated by maintaining promises made to one another—by analyzing how it did so. You may discuss how committed Russell was to earning his merit badge or how Carl never gave up on Ellie’s goal of reaching Paradise Falls no matter how challenging it became to make this point.

Some analytic essays kinds involve the author analyzing multiple literary works. The essay can be categorized as both a compare-and-contrast and analytical one when this is done in order to draw comparisons between the works.

Example of an Analytical Essay: Moses Martinez’s “Island of Fear” This writer of a high school literary analysis essay shows how William Golding uses three characters in Lord of the Flies to illustrate how people react to threats and trauma in various ways even though they are in the same surroundings. The author focuses on the various facets of human nature that are represented by each character.

Essays that make a case

In an argumentative essay, you must, by definition, defend your position.

To be more precise, you present a case for or against a particular viewpoint. You could be asked to take a position on the limitation placed by your school on the number of Advanced Placement (AP) classes a student may enroll in during a specific academic year for this particular project, and you’ll need to support that position with facts. By citing the association between the number of Advanced Placement courses a student enrolls in and their average AP test score as well as the number of homework hours needed for each AP course, you may counter that it is a good policy. This would bolster your argument that it’s a wise policy.

Well-written argumentative essays do not rely on pandering to the reader’s emotions. Instead, they use data, facts, and logical reasoning to convince readers that their opinions are sound. The majority of the time, argumentative essays take the shape of persuasive pieces of writing.

Argumentative essay illustration: Does It Matter What the Truth Is? Science, Pseudoscience, and Civilization is the title of a book by Carl Sagan. Sagan argues in this piece that science should be viewed as a source—possibly the most legitimate source—of the kind of fulfillment that people generally obtain from spiritual endeavors rather than something that is in conflict with spirituality.

Satirical essays

Yet another form of essay that you might come across at some time is the humorous essay. The name of the genre suggests that the goal of this kind of essay is to amuse and amuse the reader. A comical essay could be a personal essay in which the author recounts an amusing event that happened in their life. A political essay, however, in which the author uses satire to make a statement about current events, could also be hilarious. It may be regarded as a hilarious essay as long as it is amusing and written in essay format.

Generally speaking, hilarious essays use the same techniques as other essay styles, albeit they usually rely more heavily on techniques used in narrative writing, like the use of metaphors and descriptive language. Most often, hilarious essays are pieces of descriptive writing that exaggerate, employ irreverent, or utilize whimsical language in order to show a humorous perspective on the subject being covered.

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