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Apple is Increasing App Store Prices in Other Countries, Including Pakistan

Bengaluru: Apple is Increasing App Store Prices in other countries, including Pakistan. On Tuesday, September 20, Apple Inc. announced that beginning the following month, the prices of apps and in-app purchase rates would be increased on its App Store in certain countries, including Pakistan and countries throughout South America. This change will affect the entire Eurozone.

The American multinational technology corporation Apple Inc. regularly adjusts its prices in several regions and has lowered its costs in the countries of the Eurozone to compensate for differences in taxes and exchange rates. As a result, the starting prices of many applications have decreased from 1.09 euros (259.33) PKR to 99 cents (237.82) PKR/-.

Apple said in a blog post published on September 20 that the new rates, except automatically renewing subscriptions, would be applied beginning October 5. Even if the corporation didn’t explain it, it most likely has to do with the fact that local currencies are more unstable than the dollar. The percentage increase might vary from region to region.

For instance, the range of price rises in South Korea is between 20 and 25 per cent, while the content in Japan is between 30 and 35 per cent, and the range in places that utilize the euro is between 8 and 10 per cent. However, the specifics of this might shift depending on the tier.

The yen, the euro, and the currencies of other major industrialized nations have all suffered a great deal as a direct result of the fast growth in inflation. This year, the euro’s value has reached levels not seen in twenty years; for weeks, it has been around the same level as the dollar.

In addition to the countries that are a part of the Eurozone, countries such as Japan, Sweden, Poland, Malaysia, Pakistan, South Korea, and Vietnam, as well as Chile in South America, would all increase prices. Apple has said that new regulations regarding the collecting of taxes from customers were the cause of the price increases in several countries, such as Vietnam.

Even though Apple introduced the most recent edition of the iPhone earlier this month, the company has been expanding its services business to reduce its dependency on its primary and most essential handsets. Apple has indicated that developers could discover additional expenses in the My Apps app section after these changes have been implemented.

On the other hand, local regulations, such as those in South Korea and Japan, may force Apple to forego some revenue by requiring it to take a discount cut from developers who accept alternative payment methods to pay a reduced fee. This is because South Korea and Japan are two of the countries that have such regulations. The services segment of Apple’s income, including the app store, has been expanding at a breakneck pace over the last several years and averages around $20 billion every quarter. Apple is a massive technology company.



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