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How EA Became the Most Hated Company: A Chronicle of Discontent

Over the years, Electronic Arts (EA) has experienced the highs and lows of the gaming industry. However, in recent times, the company has developed a negative reputation among gamers, leading many to argue that EA became the most hated company. This article explores the factors contributing to this perception as we delve into the decisions and events that have caused a significant backlash against the gaming giant.

The Pursuit of Profit Over Quality

One of the primary reasons EA became the most hated company is its shift in focus from creating high-quality games to prioritizing profit. The company has been accused of rushing to release unfinished games, leading to many bugs and glitches that tarnish the gaming experience. Consequently, gamers have been left with products that fail to meet their expectations, causing a significant rift between the company and its customers.

The Aggressive Implementation of Microtransactions

The implementation of microtransactions by EA was yet another important contributor to the company’s decline. Microtransactions were first used to supply gamers with more material, but over time, this practice has morphed into exploitative in EA’s games. This tactic has been notably prominent in the company’s sports games, such as FIFA, where players are urged to spend real money to purchase in-game cash to better their teams. The gaming community has responded negatively and with hostility to the “pay-to-win” business model implemented.

The Controversy Surrounding Star Wars Battlefront II

The release of Star Wars Battlefront II in 2017 marked a turning point in how EA became the most hated company. The game’s initial loot box system, which included gambling elements, sparked outrage from players and lawmakers alike. The controversy eventually led to the temporary suspension of the loot box mechanic and prompted discussions about regulating in-game purchases. EA’s handling of the situation further damaged its reputation.

The Acquisition and Subsequent Closure of Beloved Studios

EA has a lengthy history of purchasing smaller studios, only to shut them down a few years later after EA acquired them. A good number of these firms were instrumental in the development of well-known series, such as Westwood Studios (Command & Conquer) and Visceral Games (Doom) (Dead Space). Fans have been left with a sense of betrayal due to the closing of these companies, and the subsequent lack of new games based on these brands has only served to feed their hatred.

A Disregard for Consumer Feedback

EA’s propensity to dismiss customer comments contributes to the company’s poor image. The firm has often ignored the concerns raised by players and has persisted in enforcing unpopular regulations and business practices. The gaming community has become even more estranged due to this apparent lack of interest in resolving the complaints of customers.

The “Worst Company in America” Title

Adding to the narrative of how EA became the most hated company, The Consumerist awarded EA the title “Worst Company in America” twice (in 2012 and 2013). These awards, albeit informal and based on consumer voting, have contributed to the perception of EA as an uncaring, profit-driven corporation.


The factors contributing to how EA became the most hated company are numerous and varied. From prioritizing profits over quality to aggressively implementing microtransactions, the company has made several decisions that have alienated its customer base. The controversies surrounding Star Wars Battlefront II, studio closures, and a disregard for consumer feedback have only exacerbated the situation. For EA to regain gamers’ trust, it must reassess its priorities and commit to delivering high-quality, consumer-friendly experiences.

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