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How Long Does a Ghost Immobiliser Fitting Take?

The Ghost Immobiliser is the next generation of vehicle protection and is the first of the most effective car protection technologies. The Autowatch Ghost is one of the finest car devices available on the market and offers first-rate security against car hacking, key cloning, and key theft. Protect your vehicles from theft by using this amazing device. Here is a guide to ghost immobiliser and how long it takes to fit it.

How Does Ghost Immobiliser Work?

The ghost immobilizer protects your car against car hacking, key cloning, and key theft. The ghost immobilizer has no LED indications or key fobs to give away its locations. Rather, the ghost immobilizer uses the buttons in your vehicle like on the steering wheel, door panels, or center console, to permit you to establish a unique PIN code that should be entered to disarm the system before someone starts the car. You can keep your PIN code up to 20 presses long for enhanced protection. No need to worry if you forget your code, sell your car, or a button is broken, an emergency PIN code can be used for resetting the system.

The Ghost Immobiliser is undetectable and discreet using traditional car theft techniques. It does not have any LED indicators and often operates quite silently using the onboard CAN data networks. Moreover, there is no circuit cut during fitting and installation that would permit thieves to detect it with some diagnostic tools. The Ghost doesn’t use radio frequency signals, thieves can’t use code grabbing technology or RF scanning to detect and intercept the protection system.

Fitting and installation are also hassle-free and low-impact with the Ghost immobilizer making use of the car’s own CAN data network. Also, because of the nature of the CAN data, the Ghost immobilizer has been tested and adapted for every car that is compatible.

How Long Does it Take to Fit?

The Ghost Immobiliser is quite a hassle-free protection system to install. No wire cutting means simple and safe installation, averaging almost a couple of hours for a Ghost immobilizer fitting. The ghost immobilizer system installation is actually a straightforward and simple procedure. One can fit the system on your driveway, at home, or at the office. It may require two hours to install completely, and then you can be given a complete run-down of how to use the system perfectly! 

The Ghost immobilizer can be installed at your workplace or home by an expert technician. It can be connected to the Can-Bus system of your car, and the device can immobilize the engine while communicating with the EDCU. It can only be deactivated if you enter a unique PIN code.

Key Features of Ghost Immobiliser

  • Immobilization by communicating with ECU
  • No wire cutting
  • Safe and simple installation
  • Undetectable;e using diagnostics
  • PIN code on steering wheel via buttons
  • Can’t be bypassed using traditional theft techniques
  • No extra fobs
  • No radio frequency signals
  • Use of on-board CAN data network
  • No relay operation
  • Silent
  • Secure
  • Unique and changeable PIN code.
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