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How to Book a Day 2 PCR Test?

Everybody of us has seen the destruction provoked by Covid-19. It was the killing virus that took away many of our loved ones. Researchers were unable to produce a vaccine against it. After three years of challenging jobs, they became successful and created a vaccine against Covid-19. The countries that had closed their doors to visitors opened them for vaccinated people. Fully vaccinated people were allowed to visit non-red listed countries freely, but Day 2 PCR test was marked as mandatory for half-vaccinated people.

PCR Test

Polymerize Chain Reaction (PCR) is a virus-detecting test. A medical expert gives the human sample stick to the scientist. A scientist applies the PCR technique to identify the presence or the absence of Covid-19 genetic material in a human specimen. You will only need a PCR test if you have not taken a single vaccination. But, you will have to book Day 2 PCR test if you are half vaccinated. Furthermore, no one will demand test reports if you are fully vaccinated.

Method of Using PCR Testing Kit

When you receive your PCR kit, unpack it and inspect all the essential accessories. You can check them from the description for your satisfaction. Clean your hands and hold the testing stick in your right hand. Follow the instructions from the paper or website of the kit’s manufacturing company. Swab the testing stick in your nose or throat for 15 seconds. Close the tested stick in a tube-shaped bottle and submit it to the lab for analysis. The researchers will analyze your specimen and give results accordingly.

Booking Day 2 PCR Test

You must book Day 2 PCR test if you are not fully vaccinated and traveling to another country. It will help you to reduce your isolation span. Consider your arrival day as 0 and get the PCR test on Day 2 before your arrival. It is a pre-leaving analysis test, and you must fulfill all the government conditions for secure traveling.

The Most Trustworthy Day 2 PCR Test Provider

Official Rapid Tests is the most reliable Day 2 PCR test provider. They have been providing genuine services for many years. You can trust them doubtless because they are the UK government-listed testing provider.

  1. Booking Day 2 PCR Test with Official Rapid Tests
  2. Follow the following steps to book your Day 2 PCR testing kit from a notable test provider.
  3. Obtain an instant PLF reference for your passenger locator document.
  4. Receive your parcel within 24 hours via Royal Mail.
  5. Get the test on the exact day.
  6. Acquire an instant PLF reference for your passenger locator paper.
  7. Accept your Day 2 PCR test certificate through E-mail.

Features of Official Rapid Tests

Some beneficial features of Official Rapid Tests are;

  • Fast delivery services
  • Delivery on your doorstep within 24 hours
  • No cargo charges, including a return label
  • More than one order at a time
  • Publishing results on their online portal
  • CE labeled and FDA-authorized test provider

So do not worry and travel with Official Rapid Tests.

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