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Artists And Organizers of The Hum Awards Claim They Will Donate a Portion Of their Earnings to Flood Victims

Angelina Jolie, a star from Hollywood who is also active in humanitarian work, believes that the recent flooding and the dire situation in Pakistan should serve as a “wake-up call” to the rest of the globe on climate change. After seeing some victims, Angelina Jolie made a similar plea for further international assistance. On the other hand, Fans were ecstatic with Angelina Jolie’s appearance in Pakistan, but they were critical of Pakistani musicians who travelled to Canada for the Hum Award event.

The visit that Angelina Jolie made to Pakistan brought up several significant concerns about the objectives of our local celebrities. People like Sharmila Faruqi and former performer Noor agree with fans who criticize Pakistani musicians for travelling to Canada to attend a local award ceremony. Meanwhile, the film “Maleficent” star is now touring flood-affected regions.

As a result, the organizers of the Hum Awards have issued a statement, which can be seen on their respective social media profiles. The following excerpt from the released report: “As was said previously, HUM Network collects donations for flood victims.” In addition to giving a significant percentage of the income generated from ticket sales, we will be hosting a fundraising event on September 22, 2022. During the event for the fundraiser, we will work with the artists who travelled to compete for the honours.

In addition, the statement claimed that all of the proceeds from the gala night, which included the sale of tickets and the money auction of outfits designed by fashion designers, signed cricket bats. Bats used by some former and current Pakistani cricket players would be donated to the efforts of providing relief and rehabilitating areas affected by the flood.

On the other hand, in addition to HUM Network’s official statement, several performers now in Canada for the awards event have also given their opinions about this matter. Celebrities such as Ahmed Ali Butt and Ushna Shah turned to social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter to respond to what they saw as “unnecessary” criticism from the general population.

Ahmed Ali Butt stated, “Since everyone is in awe of Angi’s (Angelina) visit, how dare we Pakistani celebrities come to Toronto for a party?” Angi is visiting Pakistan. You are referring to hosting a dinner-based fundraising event for flood relief, which has reached capacity. A predetermined portion of this meal will be donated to those impacted by the disaster. However, Angelina Jolie is more talented than us, right? In addition, he insulted Sharmila Faruqi and reminded her that her party was responsible for the calamity that had befallen Karachi.

“It’s quite disheartening to see the criticism for those of us who travelled to Toronto to attend the award event,” The Habs star Ushna Shah remarked. Those impacted by the floods must know that we will not forget them. We have compassion for those affected by the flood, which is why we are working on the mechanisms to solicit financial support from within our business.

Similarly, the Habs star said she could speak for herself. She is confident that many other celebrities have donated the relief money without showing up and would continue to do so in the future. In addition to providing capital, we also participate in charity auctions and fundraising events for the victims; all tickets have been purchased. Our earnest efforts are being put forward, using the resources at our disposal. She is looking forward to returning to Pakistan to fulfil her part since it is the joint obligation of all of us to assist in recovering our fellow people after such a terrible calamity.



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