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Pakistan Ranks Third in the Amazon New Sellers Category

Unfortunately, the largest e-commerce platform in the world started accepting Pakistani merchants in the previous year. Since then, Pakistan has ranked third in the amazon in the list of new sellers on Amazon, where it had previously held the second spot.

Amazon, Inc. is a worldwide firm based in the United States, and Pakistani vendors currently account for three per cent of Amazon’s total sales. Due to this statistic, Pakistan can now hold the third-biggest seller position, behind only the United States and China. Therefore, it is a remarkable accomplishment for Pakistan to be a nation that relies mainly on importing products.

Therefore, officials from the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) explained this to the National Assembly Standing Committee on Commerce on Thursday, chaired by Raza Rabbani Khar, the committee chairman. In addition, the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) was optimistic about the potential of Pakistan, the quality of Pakistan’s export goods, and the capabilities of those Pakistanis connected to the platform.

In addition, they expect that they will keep their position and continue to make honest efforts to make the most of this unique chance to advance in their careers. Despite Pakistan’s status of fifth place in the world rankings from the previous year, an improvement looks likely. The thousands of merchants in Pakistan are attempting to compete with the dealers in other countries. Even if the United States and China are at the top of the list, the fact that we still have export centres like India and Canada is a tremendous achievement.

In addition, Pakistani business owners make extensive use of the global platform provided by Amazon to connect with customers located all over the globe. These customers purchase a wide variety of goods from Pakistani sellers, including apparel, electronics, and jewellery.

As a result, people in Pakistan have realized that via Amazon, they can grow their enterprises and get more notoriety. There is a significant demand for items made in Pakistan in nations such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada, which is growing daily.

Pakistan ranks third in the Amazon New Sellers category 2

In addition, numerous Amazon merchants recommend Pakistani items to customers worldwide via the marketplace. Additionally, Pakistan is home to three of the most prominent Amazon seller groups in the whole globe.

eCommerce is powered by Enablers, which has over 1.2 million registered users.

Extreme Commerce, founded by Sunny Ali and now boasting close to 1.1 million users

Ecommerce Success The country of Pakistan, which has about 200,000 members

Without a shadow of a question, e-commerce is essential in making it possible for medium and small businesses to optimize their revenues. Meanwhile, they need maximum earnings since the company’s financial responsibilities and running expenditures have reached their highest point.

Amazon included Pakistan on its list of nations that will soon be able to sell their wares on its worldwide marketplace when it was announced in May 2021. However, the decision to add Pakistan to the list of merchants was made after almost an entire year’s worth of discussion between the officials at Amazon and Pakistan’s Ministry of Commerce.

Following the events, hundreds more Pakistan sellers joined the Amazon sales team.



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