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Why Do People in Pakistan Like Wearing Shalwar Kameez?

Do you notice that Pakistani people prefer to wear shalwar kameez on different occasions? People of all ages and areas love shalwar kameez. Even there are many shalwar kameez men stores available for shopping. Why is it so? Let’s read about some reasons.

1.    It is a Pakistan’s, National Dress

Shalwar kameez is one of Pakistan’s national dresses. Pakistani people are culture-loving and like to follow their forefathers. Due to cultural attachment, they love to wear shalwar kameez on different occasions. 

2.    It is a Religion Dress

The majority of the Muslims population live in Pakistan. Islam orders its followers to cover their bodies perfectly. Muslims wear shalwar kameez to cover and protect themselves according to the sayings of Islam. 

3.    It is Suitable for all Occasions

Generally, people arrange different styles of dresses for contrasting occasions. However, the shalwar kameez is a dress suitable for many events. It gives mental relaxation before attending any celebration. 

4.    It is Available in Different Styles

Like other dresses, designers have introduced different styles in shalwar kameez, which are available at shalwar kameez men’s markets. Pakistani people have the option of choosing;

  • Shalwar kameez
  • Kurta pajama
  • Sherwani
  • Patiala shalwar kameez

5.    It is a Comfortable Dress

Pakistani people prefer to wear shalwar kameez except for jeans and pants due to its comfortability. It is an extraordinarily comfortable dress that provides an extensive range of movement during work and rest. 

6.    It is a Pakistan’s Holyday Dress

When it comes to Holy days, like Friday or Eid, Pakistani men cannot prefer western dress. On Eids, they buy new dresses to offer Eid prayer. As it is the holy dress of Muslims, they never like to wear other dresses. 

7.    Its Cost is Budget-friendly 

Have you ever compared the prices of western dresses and shalwar kameez? Are the shalwar kameez expensive like western clothes? No, they are not. You can buy shalwar kameez at low rates wherever it is on sale. Its lovers can buy it even from mini-markets and small cities. 

8.    It is Easily Available Everywhere

Shalwar kameez is available in all the markets of Pakistan. You can purchase it personally from shopping malls and place an order in online stores. People who like shalwar kameez can opt to buy an open cloth and give it to a tailor for stitching. 

These were some points that explained the reason for the likeness of shalwar kameez by Pakistani citizens. 

Buying Shalwar Kameez

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