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Different Dresses for Pakistani Female

Sindh is the province of Pakistan. Sindh province can be recognized due to its remarkable hand embroidery, which can be done on dresses, caps, and bags. One of the best qualities of this embroidery is that it is fixed firmly and deeply in a surrounding mass with thread. It is usually observed that most women want to wear heavy dresses full of embroidery that give them a fabulous look compared to the other women. These kinds of Sindhi dress for female are not like the women of Sindh but also like in the whole universe. The export demand is increasing very fast in Pakistan. We are going to discuss some casual dresses of a female in detail.

Lengha Choli

It is one of the traditional dresses for women and can be worn in different parts of Sindh. Lengha choli is one of the nice Sindhi dress for female. In the district of Sindh Tharparkar, the women of that area wear ghagra, which is much heavier than the lengha. The lengha can be worn with loose as well as the fitted choli, backless blouse, or fully embroidery shirt with small sleeves like a cap. Most of the women are wearing gaji with lengha in the mountain consisting of places of Sindh. The gaji is small square panels embroidered on the fabric like silk. Its neckline cut of gaji is high, and it can be round on one side with an open slit on the other side. The Unmarried women also wear gaji with an opening back, and the married women wear an opening front. As the real outfit, the women do not need to wear suthan under lengha, and this trend will be until 1840. The skirt was usually worn as its own. The trend of suthan can be adopted late. For most of the part of Sindh, the skirt can be worn without the concept of suthan.


Shalwar is one of the traditional Sindhi dress for female, and it can be adopted from Iraq and nearer countries. This kind of shalwar is also known as the Kancha. It can be described as wide from pantaloons that do not begin with the combine at the knee, like the suthan which is wide from the ankles. The Sindhi salwar is the same as the Gujarati Kafni on a large scale, but it is plaited on the waist. The style of the Sindhi shalwar is not adopted in all parts of the region because it is limited to Mansura.


The suction is similar to the shalwar, which has become the women’s traditional lower garment in Sindh. The Sindhi suthan is also known as the chareno. It is the same as the Punjabi suthan. It heavily folds into pleats, very loose on the thighs, to a small degree limited in extending on the knee, comes together in step, and folds into pleats to the ankle. The suthan is the Sindhi dress for female. It can be adopted as well as worn nowadays. This trend is adopted in many countries.

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