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Best Tourists Destinations in China

China is considered the Gateway to East Asia. Many people from different countries are coming in the form of a tour to visit the place of China. We are going to discuss some of the best places to visit in China in detail. China is included in top 10 tourist destination in the world.


This place is considered the main center of China because it is used for different purposes like economic, various industrial points of view, representing the culture of China and transportation. It is located in Southwest China. It is considered the top 10 tourist destination in the world. It is one of the good places to visit any time of the year. People are getting lots of experience from here. This place is considered the base of the rainbow.


It is considered the fairyland of China. Because there are a lot of waterfalls, different mountains which are covered with snow, green color consisting lakes and various turquoises. The lakes are cried clear at the end of the bottom. This place is considered the habitat of the Giant pandas. Its beauty attracts tourists to come and enjoy this beautiful nature.


This place is serving as a magnet for that person who travels or hikes carrying their belongings in a rucksack due to the low level of price. But today it is suitable for travelers to enjoy the beauty of nature and high Peak Mountains. Most people are using their bikes to travel to the full place. It is one of the best places to visit the point of view. People can also see the fields of various farmers.


It is one of the most specific cities in Tibet. It is located in a place higher than the surrounding area of the whole world and its height is round about 3,500 feet. This place is considered the home of Potala Palace, and its former home was Dalai Lama. The Palace was situated on the red hill for 360 years. It can be divided into two categories one is for Dalai Lama as the White Palace and the second part on the red hill which is used for religious purposes. Most of the people are coming here to see this place. It is counted in the top 10 tourist destinations in the world.

Hong Kong

It is located southeast coast of China.  Hong Kong is one of the places which can be used as a commercial center, showing Chinese culture, the effect of British colonies, and also changes in modern technology. This place contains a very tall building of many stories which is the highest one. It is one of the highest destinations of the population. The high-level peak point of this place provides an inspiring view that may attract people.


This place is very popular for its not securely held peaks, completely clear and transparent streams, closely compacted in substance forest, various kinds of large caves, and the variety of plant and animal life in the world. There are many beautiful scenes of China. Many people and visitors are coming here to see the beautiful views of this place. This place has the great blessing of natural beauty.


This place is described as the legends of the natural scenery of Huangshan. There are most beautiful mountains in China are available in it. There are yellow color mountains, clouds that touched the sea, oddly type various rocks, and mountain feet with hot springs giving an amazing view. The beauty of these things is attracting people toward them. This place is counted top 10 tourists destination in the world. There is also some old village that represents the culture of China.


This place is considered the Chinese countryside of the earth. There is a very beautiful limestone view which makes the earth more beautiful. Its beauty attracts the people toward them to come and enjoy the beauty of nature. Its top of Guilin can be a highlight of the Li River. The visitors easily capture the beauty of nature with their cameras.


It is one of the ancient cities which become town nowadays. It is considered one of the important cities of old times. People from different countries are coming to this place to see the old shops as well as old banks. People are coming here to know about the culture and tradition of the China people. Due to this, this place is counted top 10 tourist destinations in the world.


It is one of the biggest cities in China. It is located in the west of the Country. There is a most famous port for the Yangtze Cruise. Its Chongqing food is very delicious. The visitors are coming to see this city beautiful city and must try its delicious food. This place is also full of the beauty of nature.

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