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All About ICC Champions Trophy

It is a one-day tournament named the ICC champion trophy, organized by the international cricket council (ICC).  This event was started in 1998. In the past, this competition was known as the ICC knockout tournament. In 2002, the International Cricket Council became known as the ICC Champion trophy. Since 1998, this trophy competition has been organized once every four years on average. The International Cricket Council (ICC) organized this tournament to raise money for nations that do not participate in test cricket. The International Cricket Council (ICC) consistently makes an effort to arrange this tournament in countries that do not participate in test cricket. The first competition was split between Bangladesh and Kenya. The International Cricket Council receives substantial income from this competition.

Champions trophy cricket 2017 Winner team

The champion trophy is similar to the world cup event. Every team wants to become the champion of the award. Champion trophy cricket 2017 winner team was Pakistan. This tournament is played between the top eight teams. The champion trophy was played on June 1 to June 18, 2017. The venue of the championship trophy was England and Wales. Pakistan won its first title of the champion trophy in 2017. The final was played between India and Pakistan at the Oval cricket ground. Pakistan won this match by 180 runs. The highest runs scorer was Shikhar Dhawan; he made 338 runs. The highest wicket-taking bowler was Hassan Ali; he took 13 wickets in the champion trophy in 2017.

The Cricket champion trophy is more exciting than other events

The ICC champion trophy is an exciting format of cricket. The international cricket council administrates it. It is held after every four years. The recent tournament was played in England, and Pakistan won this 2017 champion trophy event. The best teams for the cricket ICC champion trophy are Australia and India. They have won two titles, each of this champion trophy. The champion trophy is a knockout tournament; the team will lose the match will consider out of the game. In the past, all teams registered with ICC teams could participate in the event. Since 2009 ICC has ruled that only the top eight teams will participate in the ICC champion trophy.

The champion trophy Schedule is available on the ICC website

The ICC Champion trophy schedule is available on the ICC website. The International Cricket Council’s website is updated regularly with information on events and the locations of such events. One-day cricket serves as the basis for the competition structure of the Champion’s Trophy. This competition is comparable to a mini-version of the World Cup. The International Cricket Council (ICC) generally finishes its mini-world cup in two weeks. In 2006, the ICC decided to delay the champion trophy by two years. In 2008, the tournament was supposed to take place in Pakistan, but for reasons relating to safety, it was moved to South Africa instead. After 2008, the winner was awarded the trophy every four years. The sole difference between the Champion Trophy and the World Cup is that there are fewer matches in the Champion Trophy. The World Cup has more games overall.

Cricket Championship is necessary to promote cricket

Cricket is one of the oldest sports in the world. It started in England and moved all over the world. Every game requires competition to improve the qualities of players. The competition gives players the courage to work harder. ICC is a body of cricket. The international cricket council is working hard to create events for teams. Every cricket event is a cricket championship; the champion’s decision will be based on winning or losing. The team that wins the event it will be called the cricket champions. The champion song is very famous among cricket fans which West Indian cricket star Dwayne Bravo sings. 



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